Saint Louis 9 Earns 5 Star Website Award

Top sites show Lodges’ successes to Members and Visitors
Grand Lodge Newsletter – April 2024 Issue

As we close the Lodge year and prepare for our Grand Lodge Convention in Austin, Texas, this summer, the Fraternal Committee has named the Local Lodge Website Contest winners.

The Lodges that participated told the public the great news on what Elks Lodges do. The websites show our members and volunteers who work for our communities, aid our veterans, provide for the State Major Projects, fund our scholarships, and more. The sites invite the locals to come and join in. Visitors can see that Elkdom is alive and well within the Lodges, championing the four principles of our Order.

All the Lodges showed our Grand Exalted Rulers theme was kept in mind: We Are THE Elks.”

5 Star Awards
Essex, MD No. 1866
New London, CT No. 360
High Point, NC No. 1155
Sitka, AK No. 1662
St. Louis, MO No. 9
Sanford, NC No. 1679
New Britain, CT No. 957
Palo Alto, CA No. 1471
Silver City, NM No. 413
Ferndale, MI No. 1588
Pascagoula, MS No. 1120

4 Star Awards
Telluride, CO No. 692
South Bend, IN No. 235
Lebanon, OH No. 422
Reno, NV No. 597
Wallace, ID No. 331
Provo, UT No. 849
Chattanooga, TN No. 91
Hightstown, NJ No. 1955
Salem, OH No. 305
Louisville, KY No. 8
Cuyahoga Falls-Akron-Barberton, OH No. 1923

3 Star Awards
Glastonbury, CT No. 2202
Sierra Vista, AZ No. 2065
Springfield, IL No. 158
Tooele, UT No. 1673
Annapolis, MD No. 622

By Ronald A, Brooks – Grand Lodge Fraternal Committee Member


Fraternal Committee News
6 Lodges Earn Five-Star website Awards
By Meryl Arns, Committee Member

A Lodge with a good website is a Lodge growing in membership! Thank you to the many Lodge webmasters across the United States and congratulations to those who entered the Lodge Website Contest. It is obvious that Lodge websites are keeping our members informed and telling the world what we do. Attractive photos welcome Members and Elks who may be traveling across the country to stop and enjoy the many activities offered by our Lodges. Through websites we are “Meeting the Challenge.” The Lodge Website Contest is free to enter, and the reward is knowing that you have let the world know what we do. Elks Care – Elks Share.

5 Star Awards
Sierra Vista, AZ Lodge No. 2065:
New London, CT Lodge No. 360:
Lebanon, OH Lodge No. 422:
Reno, NV Lodge No. 597:
Fredericksburg, VA Lodge No. 875:
Bremerton, WA Lodge No. 1181:

4 Star Awards
Sarasota South, FL Lodge No. 2495:
St. Louis, MO Lodge No. 9:
Silver City, NM Lodge No. 413:
Oswego, NY Lodge No. 271:
High Point, NC Lodge No. 1155:
Provo, UT Lodge No. 849:

3 Star Awards
Wallace, ID Lodge No. 331:
Kent Island, MD Lodge No. 2576: