Ray Lozano DAP visit

Coming out of Covid-19 All American Lodge #9 is at the forefront of the Youth Activiites within the BPOE (Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks) by hosting world renowned Drug & Substance Prevention Specialist Ray Lozano (Redlands, California Lodge #583) during Red Ribbon DAP (Drug Awareness Program) week. Ray will be in Saint Louis Wednesday October 20th through Saturday October 24th during which he’ll be attending Bunco Wednesday the 20th, conducting high school visits Thursday the 21st (Alpha Academy High School, Warrenton & McCluer North High School, Florissant) & Friday the 22nd (Duchesne High School, Saint Charles), a Meet & Greet Friday the 22nd (5:00 – 7:00Pm) alongside Missouri DAP Chairman Doug Jordan (Blue Springs MO #2509), Metro District 4780 DAB Chair Bob Wilkins (Florissant MO #2316, and then will present in the Hall of American of Saint Louis Lodge #9 Saturday October 24th at 1:00pm. As of Wednesday October 6th he’s scheduled to visit Alpha Academy High School (Warrenton), Duchesne High School (Saint Charles), and McCluer North High School (Florissant) with additional radio and television appearances in the works.

His website . . . https://raylozano.com

Ray will be at All American Saint Louis #9 Friday October 22nd from 5:00 – 7:00pm for a Meet & Greet.

“I truly believe young people have amazing potential. With the right tools and direction, that potential can be realized and even soar. My mission is to make a difference in the lives of young people and teach them to do the same in others.”
Roy will be presenting in the Hall of American within All American Saint Louis Lodge #9 Saturday October 23rd at 1:00pm.

Since 1986, Ray Lozano has educated and entertained thousands of students in hundreds of middle schools and high schools from Alaska to Florida, and internationally in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. Ray has a talent and gift for conveying what could be construed as boring drug and alcohol prevention information in such a fun and humorous way that his audiences come away informed and entertained. The best analogy would be giving your kids medicine in a spoon-full of sugar. There’s a good reason that Ray’s audiences feel like they just came back from the Improv rather than from a “lecture.” Ray has performed stand-up comedy at the Improv in Hollywood and Ontario, CA. It is his background in comedy that keeps his audiences coming back time and time again. The fact that he has been asked to return to many of the same schools across the nation, some for as long as 15 years, speaks to Ray’s ability to keep his information updated, fresh and relevant.

Ray’s varied experience professionally has equipped him to become the unique speaker that he is today. His career started out in the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute, where he saw firsthand the ravages of drug use in young adults. Having not used drugs or alcohol, this was an eye-opening experience to see firsthand the deleterious effects that drugs have on a young person. He saw how drugs stripped away a person’s chance for an extraordinary life. From working with people fighting their way back from addiction, he realized he wanted to work with kids before they got involved in drugs and alcohol, which led him to his work in prevention.

As a Vice Principal for a private elementary school, he launched an after-school program with an emphasis on promoting a family-oriented, drug-free philosophy. This gave him an understanding from an educator’s perspective that schools are looking for the best for their students.

Ray Lozano was the Program Specialist for a very successful youth prevention program at an internationally known, Level-A teaching hospital. The youth program provides drug and alcohol education for youth ages 14-18. Through the program, Ray increased the adolescent’s knowledge of the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body, the addictive process, consequences of risky behaviors, alternative choices and the ability to make positive life decisions.

Ray holds a current certification as Prevention Specialist from the state of California as a drug and alcohol counselor.