Elk of the Month


L to R – Ryan Jennings (Exalted Ruler), Paul Voigt (#9 Member), Jenn Voght (Crestview Middle School – Teacher) Beth Schnettler (Past Exalted Ruler. Picture taken prior to the May 6th, 2024

“St. Louis Elks Lodge #9 – Elk of the Month – The Paul Voigt Family – April 2024”

Above is a Certificate presented by E.R. Jennings to Jenn and Paul Voigt May 6th. which reads,

“St. Louis Elks Lodge #9 – Elk of the Month – The Paul Voigt Family – April 2024”


Elk of the Month – February 2024

Mick Conley / PER

It is my pleasure to award Mick Conley Elk of the Month. Mick has generously given his time and knowledge of St. Louis #9’s history, traditions, and expectations to new members as they go through orientation prior to their initiations. This means being here on Mondays and Sundays for many years. I have had the privilege of assisting Mick in these orientations during my 4 years as an officer. Thank You Mick for helping our new members.”

Beth Schnettler – Exalted Ruler
March 4, 2024


Elk of the Month – January 2024

Bart Castelli

“It is my pleasure to award Bart Castelli Elk of the Month for January, Bart, aka The Godfather, brings great energy and fun each week to the Queen of Hearts. I have witnessed the game at several other lodges, but here is not the audience participation or fun that Bart brings to the floor.  Bart takes his role to shuffle the cards very seriously and to that end, even he does not know where the Queen of Hearts is hiding.  Joh Bart Catelli as he continues to bring excitement of trying to find the Queen to our lodge.”

Beth Schnettler – Exalted Ruler
February 5, 2024


Elk of the Month – Decembrer 2023

Liz Kriegshauser

“It is my pleasure to award Liz Elk of the Month for December. Liz stepped up to help the Christmas Auction Committee.  She coordinated efforts by Auxiliary and members to log all the donations into the computer to make it easy for the tracking items.  She helped members who put together the baskets and helped with the set up on the Friday prior to the action.”

Beth Schnettler – Exalted Ruler
January 8, 2024


December 2023

Elk of the Month – November 2023

Tom Donnelly

“It is with great pleasure to award Tom Donnelly Elk of the Month for his work on Golf and Capital Campaign Committees. Tom’s contributions to these committees have helped them in their successful endeavors.”

Beth Schnettler – Exalted Ruler
December 4, 2023

November 2023

Elk of the Month – November 2023

Jerry Wittehauer

“It is with great pleasure to award Gerald Wittenauer Elk of the Month. Jerry takes care of the trash and cans for
recycling from volleyball. He makes sure the firewood is cut for the firepits. He is responsible for raising and lowering the Flag as needed. Jerry works with the Eagle scout projects at the lodge ensuring the scout is doing what is necessary to have a successful project. In addition, Jerry works the Veterans Committee on their various projects.”

Beth Schnetter – Exalted ruler
November 6, 2023

September 2023

Elk of the Month – September

Michael Fleishour

It is with great pleasure to award Mike Fleishour Elk of the Month for his outstanding work on Kayak with a Vet.  Mike led the veterans volunteers to host a very successful event with Team River Runners. Mike joined the Vet Committee to expand the organizations participating to 33 this year.  Mike’s passion for his work with veterans is exemplary.

Beth Schnettler – Exalted Ruler
September 18, 2023
On March 6th Exalted Ruler Goddard awarded Esquire David Roeth as
Elk of the Month

January 2023


Elk of the Month for October 2022 with Beth Schnettler
Co Elks of Month for August 2022 were Steve Schmitt & Harry Williams
June – Tim Brennan
May – Mike Egel

February – Sara Moss

Lodge Secretary, Sara Moss is hereby conferred St. Louis Elks Lodge No. 9 Elk of the Month for February 2022. To be the lodge secretary is to take on another full-time job! Running the office is no small feat and we are lucky to have a great administrator working with Sara. Initiation nights can be overwhelming for the secretary. Helping to plan for district and state dignitaries requires their help as well. But, Sara goes beyond just doing the work of the secretary. She is heavily involved in creating flyers for events, organizing and communicating with 30+ committee chairs on the newsletter, assisting with the website updates, and running Trunk or Treat. Her love and commitment to our lodge is unquestioned! Therefore, it is with great joy, I award Sara Moss, St. Louis Lodge #9 Elk of the Month for February 2022.
AJ Ford, Exalted Ruler

January – Tim Luby

PER Timothy Reagan Luby is hereby conferred St. Louis Elks Lodge No. 9 Elk of the Month for January 2022. Tim could have been awarded this recognition for many of the months in 2021/2022 fiscal year. I don’t believe the majority of lodge members know how many hours Tim puts in behind the scenes as a Past Exalted Ruler, ER mentor, Lodge Trustee, PR committee member, the weekly “Happenings” calendar keeper, Website moderator, Newsletter contributor, Impact Grant member, Membership chair, Youth Activities chair and All-American Lodge chair, just to name a few. His dedication to making St. Louis Lodge #9 one of the best lodges in the country is unparalleled. Therefore, it is with great joy, I award Tim Luby, St. Louis Lodge #9 Elk of the Month for January 2022- AJ Ford, Exalted Ruler


December – Katie Reuther

During the Monday January 17th Exalted Ruler Aj Ford awarded the December Elk of the Month to Katie Reuther. .

November- Beth Schnettler

Beth Schnettler is hereby conferred St. Louis Elks Lodge No. 9 Elk of the Month for November 2021. Beth’s efforts to make the Ray Lozano Drug Awareness Program visit were unparalleled. Her leadership by example extended to more than just coordinating Ray’s school visits and talk at the lodge. She took her own time to drive Ray and his daughter, Brooke, to every event, contacted the schools directly and coordinated those visits. Lastly Beth made sure to attend all dinners with Ray and Brooke. Additionally, she was able to convince our state DAP Chair to “ride along” for the events, which is no easy task. In short, Beth showed what being a leader of St. Louis Elks Lodge #9 looks like. Therefore, it is with great joy, I award Beth Schnettler, St. Louis Lodge #9 Elks of the Month for November 2021 – AJ Ford, Exalted Ruler.

October – Brad Barnes

Brad, Jennifer & Emma Barnes are hereby conferred St. Louis Elks Lodge No. 9 Elks of the Month for October 2021. Often working behind the scenes, the Barnes family commitment to the success of this year’s pool
season is unparalleled. Weekly, Brad could be seen making sure the pool was operational. Equally, Brand and Jennifer were the parent representatives managing the pool concession stand. This included ordering of food
and beverages as well as meeting the delivery crew weekly to accept and inventory concessions. Their daughter Emma was also the daily summer manager of the concession stand expediting orders in a timely manner and would routinely work on her days off when needed. Therefore, it is with great joy, I award The Barnes family, St. Louis Lodge #9 Elks of the Month for October 2021! – AJ Ford, Exalted Ruler

September – Doug Wolter

Doug Wolter is hereby conferred St. Louis Elks Lodge No. 9 Elk of the Month for September 2021. Doug’s leadership of the Patio Committee has resulted in so many compliments from members and visitors alike, we couldn’t read them all here today. Doug and the entire committee not only donate considerable hours every Sunday planting, watering, and weeding, but they have helped make our pool area even brighter with new plants and flowers. Additionally, Doug is bringing new ideas to the lodge for fundraising such as bringing in renowned speakers to educate the membership about gardening, hosting a spring bulb sale and will be conducting a pointsettia sale in December. Therefore, it is with great joy, I award Doug Wolter, St. Louis Lodge #9 Elk of the Month for September 2021! – AJ Ford, Exalted Ruler

August – Ryan Jennings

Ryan Jennings is here- by conferred St. Lou- is Elks Lodge No. 9 Elks of the Month for August 2021. Ryan’s work on the 2nd Annual Pete Makulec Golf Tournament resulted in an overwhelming success of an event. Ryan assembled an incredible committee of individuals who surpassed all goals which resulted in a first-ever complete sell out of teams with 144 golfers. Equally, the amount of funds raised through 50/50, hole sponsorships, skins and other fun items will allow the committee to donate to other worthy causes for the lodge, but most of all to the St. Louis University Transplant Services group, which Pete Makulec was a part of. The amount of effort and creativity to put this tournament as an upper echelon Elks golf tournament was simply amazing. Therefore, it is with great joy, I award Ryan Jennings, St. Louis Lodge #9 Elk of the Month for July 2021! Sincerely – AJ Ford, Exalted Ruler.

July – Paul & Jen Voigt

Paul Voigt and his spouse Jennifer are hereby conferred St. Louis Elks Lodge No. 9 Elks of the Month for July 2021. Paul and Jennifer were critical to the growth of the team this year to 65 swimmers and 38 families. Paul was the swim team chair and took it upon himself to manage all the finances, purchases, attend league planning meetings and hiring of coaches. Equally, Jennifer was the swim team parent representative requiring much coordination with theparents of 65 swimmers. Paul and Jennifer also participate heavily on the Pool committee and were the first ones up at the lodge to help with clean-up after some recent storms forced closureof the pool. Therefore, it is with great joy, I award Paul & Jen Voigt, St. Louis Lodge #9 Elk of the Month for July 2021! – AJ Ford, Exalted Ruler

June – Loren Hewitt

Per Exalted Ruler A.J. Ford, “Loren has been instrumental in stepping into several rolls within the lodge. As the Chair of the Volleyball Committee, Loren not only coordinates with our league partner, but she also steps in and bartends when needed and has been instrumental in gaining several new rentals for the courts, as well as she plays on an #9 team. She also the co-chair of the House Committee and plans/coordinates many of the events with various committees to ensure we have proper coverage and layout for larger events. Because of her planning, she and the entire committee had a solid steak night in June. Most importantly, whenever called upon to help with something, Loren is always one of our members who will gladly volunteer her efforts. Therefore, it is with great joy, I award Loren Hewitt St. Louis Lodge #9 Elk of the Month for June, 2021.

May – Matt Minton

May Elk of the Month – House Committee Member Matt Minton
Per Exalted Ruler A.J. Ford, “Matt has been instrumental in stepping into several roles within the lodge. As a member of the Entertainment Committee, Matt not only concepted the Derby Day idea, he worked the event tirelessly from start to finish. He has also been the brainchild of several other upcoming events. Equally as a member of the house and golf committee, Matt has developed relationships with several of our liquor vendors to procure donations for upcoming events. These donations will help those committees offset normally expected costs. Matt’s creativity, relationship skills and willingness to roll up his sleeves and put in the work have earned him the May 2021 Elk of the Month.”

April – Mark Gabaeur

April Elk of the Month – P.E.R. Mark Gabauer
Per Exalted Ruler Ford, “P.E.R. Mark Gabauer is hereby conferred St. Louis Elks Lodge No. 9 Elk of the Month for April 2021.  Mark’s efforts to create a memorable Lodge of Sorrows ceremony for Larry & Susan Flowers was not only touching but epitomized the principle of Brotherly Love.  Additionally, his leadership and physical contributions every weekend to get the pool ready for the season truly demonstrate what Charity looks like, proving – Elks Care. Elks Share.” 

PER Reuther receiving his Elk of the Year Plaque 03/02/21. (L to R) Jerry Hughey (House), Jo Ann Reuther, Mark Goddard (Secetary), Doug Reuther (PER & House Chair), AJ Ford (Leading Knight), Ben Yousef (Board Chair), Dave Roeth (Esquire & Vets Chair), Tim Luby (PER & Membership), Beth Schnettler (Lecturing Knight & Youth Activities), Mike Egel (Treasurer), & Mike Schnettler (Site Strategy).
Congratulations fiscal 2021 Officer of the Year Beth Schettler.

March – Mark Goddard

March Elk of the Month: Secretary Mark Goddard
Per Exalted Ruler Ford, “Secretary Goddard shows his dedication to our lodge consistently and effectively. Mark takes challenging and often thankless jobs. Mark vastly improved our bar POS
system. Mark saw the need to improve our office operations as well as physical layout, and then led the efforts. Mark has greatly improved the flow of our member application process. Mark has helped streamline the efficiency of lodge meetings by organizing and distributing information before the start of the meeting. This significantly cut the time of meetings, which is appreciated by all attendees. Mark proposes creative ideas for the pool and other funding needs. Due to his sustained dedication to our Lodge, Mark Goddard is a March 2021 Elk of the Month. “
February Elk of the Month: Leading Knight A.J. Ford
Per Exalted Ruler Lord, “Leading Knight A.J. has shown consistent leadership in a variety of roles. AJ has worked to plan and implement important initiatives during the COVID-19 period, including a smoking solution, furthering discussion for a future building plan, officer training, public relations and media improvements, and revisions for Steak Night to keep the event flourishing. These efforts are in addition to his officer responsibilities serving as Lecturing Knight and Leading Knight. For these reasons, AJ Ford is being recognized as a March 2021 Elk of the Month.”

February – Joe McAvoy

Co January Elk of the Month: Joe McAvoy
Per Exalted Ruler Lord, “Joe McAvoy has just retired as the Elks Lodge #9 Charter Organization Representative for Cub Scout Pack 499. Joe has spent substantial effort over many years helping the Pack grow and providing leadership. The Pack is now stronger than it has been in years. Joe’s quiet wisdom and steady hand allowed Pack 499 to flourish. This is why Joe is a January 2021 Elk of the Month. Per E.R. Lord 01/28/21.Exalted Ruler Lord chose Jerry Wittenauer (Americanism Chair) and Michael Schnettler (Site Strategy Chair) for the Co-February 2021 Elks of the Month.”

January – Tim Luby

January Elk of the Month – Timothy Luby (P.E.R.)
Per Exalted Ruler Lord, “Tim Luby completed his second term as Exalted Ruler and continued dedicating his time and talent to numerous projects. The new website and calendar are a success, substantially due to Tim’s efforts. Tim spent significant time improving our newsletter. Tim is doubling down on his efforts to see that Lodge #9 becomes an All American Lodge. Tim joined the Pool Committee with the mission of producing a winning season for our swim team. Tim is working with other members to increase community exposure through outreach with Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts. Due to his sustained dedication to our Lodge.”


December 2020 – Sara Moss

As we all know this has been a challenging 2020, but Sara has seemed to have doubled her efforts to make sure that our Lodge is successful. I have many examples, but to name a few: After paying close attention to the effectiveness of Lodge communications, Sara revamped the process so that members receive less but more informative communications.
Sara has been very effective as PR committee head. Sara had provided valuable insight regarding the swim team and the pool. Sara has accomplished all of this while balancing her professional responsibilities and her children’s needs during the challenges imposed by COVID. Please congratulate Sara Moss as the December 2020 Elk of the Month. The award ceremony will be during the next Lodge meeting.

November 2020 – Larry Flowers/PER

Larry dedicated his dream and his talent to a project that we all enjoy every time we enter the property. The statute of the Elk is tall and majestic. Obtaining such a monument has been discussed for many years. Larry took action. He fundraised in record time, he navigated through Creve Coeur regulations, and he supervised the installation process. The result is impressive for all.

Thank you, Larry, for your vision and hard work.  

October 2020 – Todd Streiler

Todd has dedicated his talent to lead a member idea and discussion event to address the smoking solution for our lodge. This has taken extensive pre-planning for maxim input as well as formulating a productive format. We have a diverse membership that has joined for different reasons. Developing and executing a plan to address these interests is a significant task. Thank you, Todd, for volunteering your expertise to this project.

September 2020 – Kathy Dixon

Kathy is leading the Patio Committee and done an outstanding job. Even during this challenging COVID time, members and guests consistently notice and compliment the well-maintained flora that greets them at the front of our property. Thank you, Kathy,
and your talented and dedicated committee.

August 2020 – Jerry Wittenauer

Per E.R. Lord – Jerry quietly and diligently completes many jobs that we may not realize. Jerry cleans up the volleyball area every day. This spring and summer he has put in sod and planted grass. Because of his constant watering, it has taken hold and makes our Lodge beautiful. Jerry works tirelessly for Boy Scout Troop 492. He collects our aluminum cans for the Scouts. Jerry is the key to our successful Flag Day ceremonies. As ER, I can rely on Jerry when I am in a bind. He gives me his best and thoughtful advice. Last but not least, he starts the leaf blower for Alicia!

July 2020 – Ales Stirrat

Per E.R. Lord – Alex has a vision and a huge heart for the Elks. When I was going to run for ER, I cornered Alex in Supercuts. I asked him to PLEASE consider being Pool Committee Chair. Alex welcomed the challenge with Mark Gabauer as his wingman. Even with the unexpected and devastating loss of his wife Karen, Alex was resilient and has worked to keep our pool up and running. The opening had so many challenges but Alex continues to make the pool deck safe and beautiful. Alex has been instrumental in making our concession stand even more successful.

June 2020 – Doug Reuther

Doug saw that quick action was needed for the Bar Project to be completed. He assembled a team and got to work. We would be months behind in completion if Doug had led these volunteer efforts. He constantly communicated with the House Committee and the Board of Directors during the process. When the bar is complete, think for a moment how many hours of dedication that Doug and his team donated for your enjoyment.

May 2020 – Bob Dixon

Bob organized and led a team of clean up volunteers that deployed their talents in numerous ways. This involved many projects including moving and organizing equipment and supplies, organizing storage spaces, cleaning the facilities, and completing projects to facilitate the opening of the pool. Facilities that are undergoing renovations tend to become very messy and disorganized. Thanks to Bob and his team, that is not the case with our Lodge.

April 2020 – Michael Schnettler

Michael has provided hours of exceptional volunteer service to the Lodge for the Bar Drain Repair and Bar Room projects. Michael has been consistently at the lodge planning and supervising work. Michael’s talent and personality have been a real asset to us, as he has used it to calmly and professionally navigate through the numerous challenges we have faced.

Fiscal 2020 (04/01/19 – 03/31/20)

March & February 2020 – Jennifer Voight
January 2020 – Beth Schnettler
December – Katie Reuther
November – Bart Castelli
October – Doug McWard
September – Tim Brennan
August – Brad Furguson
July – Danny Sydow
June – Michael Schnettler
May – Jerry Wittenauer
April – Skip & Sherri Bray

Fiscal 2019 (04/01/18 – 03/31/19)

March – Tim Brennan
February – Marke Yarnall
January – Matt Harvey
December – Michael Pheland
November – Barry Mannion
October – Loren Hewitt
September – Steve Schmitt
August – Bard Barnes
July – Lauren Brauss
June – Mark Setlich
May – Sara Moss
April – Pete Makulec

Fiscal 2018 (04/01/17 – 03/31/18)

March – Lauren Braus
February – Loren Hewitt
January – Pete Makulec
December – Bill Wallace
November – Rick Mohl & Bill Haley
October – Alex Stirrat
September – Sandi Mohl
August – Loren Hewitt
July – Pete Makulec
June – Mark Gabauer
May – Jim Scharf