Freedom Grant activity. Due to the Covid restrictions in St. Louis County when the grant application was due, St. Louis Lodge #9 decided to make a cash donation to Mission 22 too help support veterans with PTSD. The veterans committee felt that having seen the effects of PTSD on veterans, this was a good way to help an organization continue their work. An organization such as Mission 22 has the network of resources which an individual lodge does not have. Mission 22’s program is designed to help heal veterans, but also helps education communities on the struggles these veterans are facing when dealing with PTSD.

What local need was met? Having experienced veterans with PTSD this grant will help veterans and help educate our community in the struggles these veterans and their families and friends are facing. It is important for our veterans committee to help educate our members and our community on the needs of veterans on an ongoing basis.

How were Elks involved. This was a monetary donation to Mission 22. Our veterans committee was involved in selecting the veterans organization to support and to present to the grants committee their reasons for selecting this charity.

What were the project’s successes? This helps Mission 22 continue their work and helps educate our lodge and community on veterans suffering from PTSD.

How did the Lodge react to the project? What feedback did you receive from Lodge members and the community? The Lodge was grateful for the support of ENF to help them support veterans.

Final Report submitted by Jane Schnettler May 17, 2021 2:50 PM.