Lodge Hops


Telluride Colorado #692

February 10th Saint Louis #9 Members Tim Leland and Greg Bohlmann visited Telluride Colorado #692 ( https://tellurideelks.org ).

Honolulu Hawaii #616

February 2nd Saint Louis #9 Member Jess Ellen visited Honolulu Hawaii #616 ( https://www.elkslodge616.org ).

Washington Missouri #1559

July 25th Members of Washinton Missouri #1559 ( https://www.elks.org/lodges/home.cfm?lodgenumber=1559 ) stopped by during their three stop Lodge Hop.

Hoboken New Jersey #74

July 2nd Members of Hoboken New Jersey #74 ( https://hobokenelks.org ) stopped by during their annual trip.

Per the August 2023 Newsletter, “I claim we’re the ‘Friendliest Lodge on Earth’, which was put to the test July 2nd when a Sprinter with New Jersey plates pulled up. The van contained 15 members of Hoboken New Jersey Lodge #74 who were on leg two of a three leg annual cross-country trip. For 2023, they first hit Chicago for a Cub game, then Saint Louis for Cardinals game, then (after leaving us) they we’re headed to Main Street Nashville. The collective couldn’t have been nicer and just so happened roll in during our BBQ Wingding and Live Music as they were truly BPOE = Best People on Earth.


Expect information on a Summer Lodge hop in the Spring


Louisville Kentucky #8

During 2022 Kentucky Derby weekend members of Saint Louis #9 stopped by Louisville #8 where they received the finest of southern hospitality/ Pictures L to R – Grant Willer #9), Lora Forde (Louisville #8 ER & Kentucky West District DAP Chair), Rich Chrismer #9), Tim Luby (#9 PER), Martin Harbolt (Louisville #8 PER & State Veterans Chair), Greg Bohlmann (#9)


On Saturday December 13th 47 members and friends of All American #9 Lodge Hopped to three fellow lodges within Metro Missouri District #4780.

3rd/Final Stop – Manchester #2058
Middle Stop – Affton #2635
1st Stop – Crestwood #2503