Mother’s Day

The lodge conducted the annual Mother’s Day Ritual Saturday May 11th in the Hall of America.

L to R – Missy Dillon (Secretary), Peggy Conley, Mick Conley (Past Exalted Ruler), Carol Striler, Todd Striler (Lecturing Knight), Emily Spurgin, David Roeth (Leading Knight), Lynn Roeth, Julius Adewunmi, Beth Schnetter (Past Exalted Ruler), Michael Schnettler (Trustee), Ryan Jennings (Exalted Ruler)


Saturday May 7th Officers conducted the 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Ritual.
(Pictured L to R) – Mark Goddard (Exalted Ruler) and Ryan Jennings (Loyal Knight).

Page 1 of the BPOE Mother’s Day Ritual


Saturday May 15th the Lodge conducted it’s first ever Mother’s Day Ritual.
(L to R) Aj Ford (E.R.), Jerry Whittenauer (Americanism Chair), Mark Goddard (Leading Knight), Sara Moss (Secretary), Lynn Roeth (Auxiliary President), David Roeth (Esquire), Beth Schettler (Loyal Knight), Julius Adewunmi (Chaplain), Michael Schnettler (Trustee).