Major objectives:

– To quicken the spirit of American Patriotism
– To teach respect for parents and love of home
– To inculcate the fundamentals of good citizenship
– To aid in a worthy cause
– To establish foundation of character
– To promote the welfare and enhance the happiness of its members
– To respect the conviction of others in the matters of worship and religion is true Americanism

Consider getting your children (daughters & sons between 12 & 20 years old) involved in the Antlers Junior Board at Saint Lodge #9.  This has been an unrealized project as this is an opportunity for our young adults to meet, lead, assemble a board, take on a project, volunteer, and (as a result) have a significant resume pick up.

Year one (04/01/24 – 03/31/25) dues are $30/per (Venmo #TRLUBY)
Please print the attached ‘proposal for membership,’ complete, and get to me asap (can be left with a club room bartender) or forward answers and I’ll handle
We need a minimum of 12 so consider friends (forward this and CC me) within in the lodge community

Upcoming Dates + Activities

05 / 11, Swim Team Social
05 / 25, Flags of Honor (VO)
06 / 14, Flag Day Ritual (VO)
06 / 14, Scouts Appreciation Ritual
06 / 15, Swim A Thon
06 / TBA, Poolside Antlers Meeting #2
07 / 06, America’s Birthday Parade (VO)

Timothy Regan Luby
[email protected] / 314-486-2675 = mobile
Grand Lodge Newsletter – January 2024
” Building character, community spirit through Antlers

Community service plays a key role in building strong, connected, and vibrant societies. In today’s fast paced world, it is imperative to get our youth actively involved in serving their communities. Encouraging our young people to participate not only benefits the community, but it also has an impact on their growth and development.

Today more than ever, our youth are bombarded with everyday distractions. Encouraging them to engage in their community helps to instill a sense of responsibility and belonging. It is an excellent opportunity for our youth to develop essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem solving. In addition, they are exposed to many diverse backgrounds.

This is why the continuation of our Antlers Program is so important. Our Antlers bring a new energy and a fresh perspective in recognizing and addressing the issues in their community while keeping with Elks’ traditions and virtues active.

New Antlers Lodges have been instituted, and several more have been reinstituted. Welcome and congratulations to the following new Antlers Lodges: •Amarillo, TX No. 923 •Berwick, PA No. 1138 • Hanford, CA No. 1259 •West Covina, CA No. 1996 •Paramus, NJ No. 2001 •Greenwich, NY No. 2223 •Cocoa Beach, FL No. 2387 •Zephyrhills, FL No. 2731

I continue to offer assistance in establishing Antlers Lodges. I encourage your Members to check out our Lodge Activities website at (password protected).

I would like to thank everyone who stopped by the Lodge Activities Booth in Minneapolis, especially those who I had spoken with prior to going to Grand Lodge. I was happy to put a face with your name and to hear about your Antlers Lodge. Please continue to let me know the types of events your dedicated Antlers have planned and share photos with me. At next year’s Grand Lodge Convention your Antlers photo might be featured on our wall.

Finally, I leave you with these words: Empowering our youth can create a society where the spirit of service is ingrained in their hearts. Our involvement with our youth is just another example of who we are and what we stand for, because “We Are THE Elks.”

By RONALD A. MANGONE – BPOE Committee Member

Grand Lodge Magazine – June 2023
” Antlers provides teens an outlet for community service

As Elks Members, we need to stand with the members of all of our youth programs and provide guidance and encouragement. April brought with it the start of a new Elks year and new leadership in your Lodge. Encourage your Members to check out our Lodge Activities website Here, you will find the necessary groundwork to apply for an Antlers charter, as well as manuals and information for all of our Grand Lodge Activities. The information on this website is very useful and can be shared with newly initiated Members.

Interest to start an Antlers Lodge is at an all-time high. I have spoken to many different Elks Lodges in a variety of states wishing to bring an Antlers Program to their Lodge. I am happy to report five more Antlers Lodges have been issued charters as of this writing. Congratulations to the following new Antlers Programs: Watertown, NY No. 496; Old Bridge, NJ No. 2229; Rensselaer, NY No. 2073; Red Oak, IA No. 1304; and Lubbock, TX No. 1348. Across America, we have also seen an increase in membership to existing Antlers Lodges. Your enthusiasm to share the values instilled in our youth is outstanding.

To keep updating our booth at Grand Lodge, I have asked for pictures to be sent to me. To date, I have received a few pictures showing an institution of a new Antlers Lodge as well as pictures showing the installation of officers and projects. Please keep them coming.

Remember that Antlers’ work can be used to show community service. Stu dents can share their work with their guidance counselors and share it when applying to a college or trade school. Antlers are also providing additional support to their local communities through their fundraising efforts. Setting up a table during a community event is a wonderful way to show what our youth are involved in and how they support their community. In addition, information about your Lodge and events is a way to show possible new Members that we work to involve the whole family. Involving the family is an important link to the future of our Order.

Just as we as Elks Members wear shirts with our Lodge name on them, so should your Antlers. The Ant lers emblem is perfect to add to any shirt you may be ordering for your Antlers to wear. Simply add the name of the Antlers Lodge and its number and they will be easily recognized when they are assisting at Lodge, district, or community events.

Finally, encourage your Antlers to reach out to other Antlers Lodges in your district or neighboring district. Sharing their beliefs and accomplishments will enable them to form new friendships.

By RONALD A. MANGONE – BPOE Committee Member