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01. All American Lodge – Contest A

02. Americanism (Flag Day, Retirement, Dedication, and the Pole)

03. Antlers (Junior Board of Directors)

04. Auction (Christmas, our largest fundraiser)

05. Auditing & Accounting

06. Auxiliary (Member Spouses)

07. Benevolent, Missouri Trust (aka B.T.)

08. Board of Directors

09. Blood Drive & Wellness

10. Bunco (Every 3rd Wednesday)

11. Charitable Reporting

12. Cigar (9S Group)

13. Clothing Drive (Holiday)

14. Conventions (District, State, & National)

15. District 4780 (Comedy Night, Trivia Night, Picnic)

16. Drug Awareness Program (+Trunk or Treat & National Speakers)

17. Entertainment (Planning & Coordination of Events)

18. Food Drive (June through December)

19. Golf (Annual Tournament + Additional Events)

20. Grants (Up to Five Available)

21. House (Management of the Club Room, Discipline, Sales)

22. Membership (Lifeblood of the Order)

23. Merchandise

24. Newsletter (Advertising, Writing, & Typesetting)

25. National Foundation, Elks (aka E.N.F.)

26. Office

27. Patio (Grounds Beautification)

28. Pool (Lifeguards, Maintenance, & Snackbar)

29. Public Relations

30. Queen of Hearts Raffle (Drawing Tuesdays)

31. Rentals (Hall, Pool, Volleyball, Grounds)

32. Scholarships (Martino)

33. Site Strategy (Buildings)

34. Steak Nights (Monthly)

35. Swim Team

36. Veterans (Our largest Committee)

37. Volleyball (Archway Sports)

38. Website

39. Youth (Essay, Scouts, Hoop & Soccer Shoots, Student of the Month)


Jerry Wittenauer: Americanism

The Order has a great tradition of promoting patriotism at the national, state and community levels. The Grand Lodge Americanism Manual (Code 512000) is devoted to this cause, and Committee members must be thoroughly familiar with its provisions as they relate to projects, procedures, promotions and awards.  The Americanism committee maintains the Flagpole area will oversee the upcoming Flag Day Ritual (6/14/2), 4rd Annual Flag Retirement (9/29/22), and 3rd Annual Flag Dedication (2/9/23).

The ambition and goal of the Americanism Program is to quicken the spirit of American patriotism and to stimulate an awareness — a genuine feeling of pride and respect toward patriotism — so that we as Members of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will become constant reminders to the people of our Nation that America truly means freedom and that Elks CARE and Elks SHARE.

Flag Day
This program is designated by the Grand Lodge as mandatory and is the first one the Exalted Ruler will be called upon to observe around June 14th. For a patriotic organization such as ours, this day is one where we have the opportunity to make known to all the high regard that we have for our Flag. At every Local Lodge meeting, and at many other functions, we salute our Flag and renew our allegiance to it. There are many non-Elks in our communities who do not know of our great love for our Flag and what it stands for. This is an excellent opportunity to remind them by holding a public ceremony. The Boy and Girl Scouts, together with other civic and patriotic organizations, will be eager to assist, if asked.  This program is one of the programs selected by the Grand Exalted Ruler for recognition awards. Lodges are to plan an outstanding Flag Day program, involve the community, and record the events of the day by preparing a brochure for judging if available by your District or State.  The lodge will be celebrating Flag Day Tuesday June 14th.
This committee, created in 2011 under Section 4.355 of the Grand Lodge Statutes, is charged with promoting, supporting and overseeing: Americanism, Elks National Foundation, Flag Day, Elks Memorial Day, Membership, Lodge Activities, State Associations and Veterans programs as defined in Grand Lodge Statute Section 13.022.  Fraternal committees include; Americanism, Elks National Foundation, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Membership, and Lodge Activities.


Coming Soon…

Auction – Christmas

Katie Reuther – Auction

The Christmas Auction Committee organizes and executes our annual member appreciation party and auction for charity by soliciting donations from members, friends and local businesses. The Tower of Wine Raffle also contributes additional proceeds. A great free food buffet is provided for members to enjoy, and the event is normally held the first Saturday night in December.  The event is typically the most heavily attended lodge event of the year, raising the most money–over $30,000 a year for local grassroots charitable purposes and Lodge needs, once again proving that “Elks care, Elks share”.  In 2022, the Auction set up is Thursday December 1st, preview Friday December 2nd, and main event is Saturday December 3rd.

Auditing & Accounting

Doug McWard / PER – Auditing & Accounting

The Auditing and Accounting Committee main duties are to serve as an internal auditing committee for the lodge members. Our duties include a review in the months of July, October and January. The extent of this is to review the required record-keeping of the financial affairs of the Lodge / Club, compliance with the approved budget, and report findings at the last regular Lodge meeting of these months.

Section 16.110 of the Statutes states that every Lodge shall keep records necessary to present clearly the receipts and accounts of the Secretary and Treasurer, and general financial and other transactions of the Lodge. Every Lodge needs an accounting system that will provide accurate financial reports to Lodge management and financial data required by taxing authorities and for the Grand Lodge Annual Financial Report (AFR). If the Lodge is operating as a Corporation defined in Grand Lodge Statutes, Sections 12.070, 16.020 and 16.030, all duties referred to as Trustees’ duties are now performed by the Corporate Board of Directors.


Liz Kriegskauser – Auxiliary Chair
Lynn Roeth – Auxiliary Emeritus

Per Lynn Roeth, “I am very excited to begin a new direction for Elks #9 Auxiliary. Our purpose is to enhance and support the Lodge in a variety of ways. We have a growing and enthusiastic membership and look forward to a FUN year.” The Ladies Auxiliary is a self-funded committee of member spouses which meet monthly in the Hall of America. To support the Lodge, they have contributed to the purchase of the new black chairs in the lodge hall, have bought a defibrillator and case hanging in the bar room, purchased the electric stove and new microwave in the hall. In 2020, donated $500.00 to the pool to help with needed repairs for the pool opening. Their main objective is to support the lodge. Any spouse of a lodge member or even a lodge member can join us. We currently have seven members and would like to grow our membership.  One of the functions we hosted for the families of the lodge is “Breakfast with Santa” which I believe you and your family attended. The Ladies Auxiliary has a long history of support and goodwill at the Lodge. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact Lynn Roeth.

Board of Director

Coming soon…

Blood Drive

Doug McWard / PER – Wellness


Susan Dimberger – Bunco

Bunco, a parlor game generally played with twelve or more players, divided into groups of four, trying to score points while taking turns rolling three dice in a series of six rounds. A Bunco is achieved when a person rolls three-of-a-kind and all three numbers match the round number.  Ladies Bunco happens year-round in the Hall of American on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Contest A – All American Lodge

Timothy Luby / PER – Chair, All American Accreditation (pursuit of)
Note – Saint Louis Elks Lodge #9 has been an All-American Lodge since July 2021.

The term “All American” in Elkdom and in our society means that you are the best that you can be. There is only one way to earn this title, that is through hard work and dedication to your Lodge and the Programs of our Order.

Make the effort to obtain the ultimate in Elkdom, All American status. If you don’t try you will not succeed. It may not happen overnight, but through determination and hard work you will reach your goal. The key point to remember is that while you are striving for your success, you will be fulfilling the Programs of our Order and helping so many along the way – proving once more that “Elks Care – Elks Share”.

In July/August of each year, Lodges will receive an entry form from the Grand Lodge. The form covers all Programs for which points are awarded. Use this form as a guideline to evaluate what your Lodge has accomplished and will strive to fulfill in the future. Carefully follow the directions while completing the form. When your form is complete, certify and send it along with required documentation to your District Deputy, postmarked by April 1st.

The National winners will be announced at the Grand Lodge session in July. This is your Lodge’s opportunity to be recognized before the entire Order of Elks as the best there is, an All American Lodge !


Susan Dimberger – Catering

Without a kitchen, members, guests, and renters rely on M & S Catering for all their culinary needs.

Cigar – 9S

Richard Meyers – 9S Cigar Group

The Lodge 9S Cigar Committee is more formally known as The Second Sunday Society for Sippin’ Spirits, Smokin’ Stogies, and Swappin’ Stories (or 9S for short). We meet at the Lodge on the second Sunday of each month (with infrequent exceptions for special field trips; check each month’s Lodge calendar). Our meetings always begin at 6:00 pm. The Second Sunday Society was founded on August 12, 1996, and migrated among many venues until moving to Elks Lodge #9 in January, 2011, at the invitation of Lodge member Marvin Schneider. Since that time, 9S members and their recruits have been responsible for recruiting well over 200 new Lodge members, including individuals such as our Past Exalted Ruler Tim Luby.  Lodge members and their guests who enjoy a good cigar, refreshing adult beverages and scintillating conversation are welcome to join us at 6:00 pm on the Second Sunday of each month. We hope to see you there.

Clothing Drive

Matt Harvey & Tim Luby

Since at least 2018 the lodge has hosted the Holiday Clothing Drive Party the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend followed by a 6-8 clothing drive. From 2020, “During the 2020 holiday season, despite being closed due to Covid, members gathered over 300 coats for “Warner’s Warm Up” (Care of the Brenda and Kurt Warner Foundation) which were delivered in January 2022.

Elks National Foundation (E.N.F.) & Missouri Benevolent Trust (B.T.)

Beth Schnettler – E.N.F. & B.T.
[email protected]

The Elks are a national Fraternal organization and membership is based on Benevolent endeavors, being active and giving back to our communities. Part of this charitable giving is done through the Elks National Foundation (E.N.F.) and part through the Missouri Benevolent Trust (B.T.). These entities are the backbones of the Lodge’s community charitable programs.

The ENF has six annual Grants Local Lodges can apply for yearly–Freedom, Promise, Beacon, Impact, Spotlight & Gratitude Grants. The Grants have various guidelines but emphasize Elk involvement while donating up to $26,000 from our Grand Lodge back into our local community. They are also designed to focus on support of Veteran and Youth needs and improving services to both. The B.T. is our Missouri State Elk charitable focus. Missouri has two State dental vans that travel the state and provide free dental care for indigent youth and Veterans by providing services they would not normally be able to receive or afford. All Elks are highly encouraged to make annual donations to each of these awesome organizations—the Elks National Foundation (ENF) & the Missouri Benevolent Trust (BT)!  For additional ENF Chair resources, visit

Elks Care, Elks Share is our biggest and best motto. If you would like to participate further in these great endeavors please reach out to our ENF/Grant Chair Beth Schnettler.

Drug Awareness

Coming soon…


Tim Brennan – Entertainment

The Entertainment Committee organizes events and entertainment throughout the year to enhance Lodge #9 participation and revenue. We generally try to put on 6 to 9 events throughout the year ranging from our concert series, helping with Steak Night, to Mouse races or any other event that will help elevate our lodge.

Events are selected through the suggestions of our committee members and the general lodge membership and approved in our monthly lodge meetings.  All event proceeds go to various lodge needs, local charities, and general lodge capital fund or used to put on future entertainment events.

Food Drive

Amy Kerkemeyer – Food Drive

The Christmas Committee also conducts a 6-month Food Drive to help local food pantries such as “Circle of Concern”. The Food Drive normally collects over 3,000 food items for those less fortunate. Typically, from August through December the lodge begins collecting specific food items for Circle of Concern ( In 2020, the food drive kicked off in July with the collection of jelly.


Ryan Jennings – Golf

The Golf committee organizes and executes Lodge #9’s annual four-person, co-ed scramble golf tournament, open to all members, and guests and friends which is Thursday August 19, 2022.  A fall, one club stroke play event will happen again on our front lawn, a one-time chip and putt course (date TBA) as will a cold weather off campus 9 Hole event the morning December 11 to coincide with Army v Navy. Hole sponsorships ($125/per) are available for purchase through the ‘Commerce’ portion of this website. Contact Ryan Jennings if interested in serving on this seasonal committee.

Government Relations

Michael Dalton – Government Relations

Section 13.060 of the Laws of the Order charges this Committee with implementing the Government Relations Programs of the Grand Lodge and State Association. The Government Relations Manual (Code 511000) details the responsibilities of the committee. Members must be thoroughly familiar with its provisions.


Beth Schnettler – Grants

Each year, the Elks National Veterans Service Commission awards a limited number of Freedom Grants to Local Lodges. Freedom Grants offer a unique opportunity to harness the Elks’ passion for serving veterans and military members and turn it into projects that offer tangible results. Freedom Grants are competitive and will be awarded to Lodges whose projects are judged to best serve the needs of veterans and/or active‑duty military members. Freedom Grants must focus on one of these five areas of increased need: employment; homelessness and housing; military families; health; and educational support. Meaningful Elk involvement is strongly encouraged. Contact the ENVSC office at 773‑755‑ 4730 or [email protected] with any questions or visit cfm for more information.


Brandon Gray – House Chairman

The House Committee supervises the operation, management and control of the bar and bar area and consists of seven members, appointed by the Exalted Ruler.  While not open to members at large, meeting attendance is encouraged! The House Committee shall be subject to control and direction of the Lodge, except those actions and decisions pertaining to an employment relationship and the fixing of prices for goods and services.  It is responsible for suggesting to the Lodge, gaining Lodge approval for, and otherwise maintaining, House Rules, specifically designed to follow Grand National Lodge requirements and to enhance the fellowship environment of House social events at Lodge #9.

The House Committee shall present to the Lodge, a separate and comprehensive House Budget for the fiscal year and shall likewise submit to the Lodge a monthly report discussing its financial condition and condition of its budget.  The House Committee shall hold at least one regular meeting each month and keep minutes of such meetings which are open to the general membership until or unless certain confidential matters need to be discussed.  A subset of the House is the Compliance Committee who’s tasked with keeping the Lodge aligned with Grand Lodge Statutes.


Timothy Luby – Membership / PER

Membership is the life blood of the Order! Members provide the leadership, the manpower for performing programs, the financial stability of the Lodge and assure the Order’s standing as a leading benefactor of mankind. The challenge is maintaining steady, healthy membership growth in the Local Lodges. Every member must not only sell Elkdom to prospective members but also motivate others to participate in this effort. The Grand Lodge Membership Manual (Code 510400) is important to showing how to attract new members.

The Membership portion of the Fraternal Committee is tasked with prospecting, completed applications, interviews, mandatory investigations, proposers, references, incentives, committee meetings, stray Elks (paid-up Member of a Lodge who now resides within the jurisdiction of another Lodge), associates, Demits (transfers / volunteer periods of inactivity), reinstatements, life members, round-ups, tours, orientation, and lapsation (delinquents).

During the membership interview applicants are made aware of all the various committees within the Elks culture which are listed on the back of the application and are asked if they prefer to be contacted to join any of them after they are initiated.  After two “reads” on the floor, a vote is taken as to the candidate’s worthiness, and if at least 2/3rds vote yes, he or she will be invited to the next feasible initiation.

The membership committee is currently composed of three members to handle the rapid growth, and serving on the committee is a great honor and of the utmost importance.  Therefore our members are all appointed by the Exalted Ruler.  While interviews are often held in a public setting, the question and answer portion of the interview is only to be between the applicant and a committee member.  If necessary the applicant’s proposer may be asked to join the meeting.  The proposer should also make arrangements to attend the initiation, as a proposer is supposed to be a friend with a good relationship with the applicant.


Bob Cameron – Merchandise
[email protected]

Lodge and Elks USA related Merchandise is provided by BPOE approved vendor and former Veterans Committee Chair Bob Cameron. Items include license plate frames, shirts, stickers, swimwear are sold through the Merchandise portion of this website.

Memorial Day

The Laws of the Order state that the first Sunday in December of each year shall be set aside as the day all Elkdom shall pause and pay its respects to our “Absent Members.”  It should be open to the public with special invitations to relatives of the Members it honors.  The program will be carefully planned, and the ritual as set forth in the Ritual of Special Services (Code 511600) must be a part of it.  Our 2021 Memorial Day Ritual will be performed Saturday December 10th in the Hall of America.


Sara Moss – Typesetter
Timothy Luby – Advertising

Section 13.020 of the Laws of the Order authorizes the Exalted Ruler to appoint Special Committees as deemed desirable for the welfare of the Lodge. One such committee, authorized under Section 16.150, authorizes the use of a Lodge Bulletin to keep members informed of programs and activities. An informed membership is an active membership. An informative periodical published by a Committee of members having a background in this field will be a great asset to the Lodge. Lodges may enter bulletins in the Grand Lodge Bulletin Contest. Printing and postage of the monthly newsletter is supported by advertising which can be purchased for $600/full page, $300/half page, $150/quarter page, and/or $75 for a business card size.  Note, full and half page newsletter advertisers also receive a slide to rotate on the club room television. If interested in advertising contact P.ER. Tim Luby


Nancy Meder – Office
[email protected]

The business of the lodge is handled through the Office which is located on the East side of the pool house.


Doug Wolter – Patio
[email protected]

The Patio Committee is responsible for the general maintenance of the Lodge patios, including watering and maintaining flowers and plants, upkeep and arrangement of furniture and organizing activities to promote the patio. If interested in volunteering, contact Doug Wolter.

Past Exalted Rulers

Timothy Luby – Membership
[email protected]

In Elk parlance, a P.E.R. is a Past Exalted Ruler. The PER’s meet multiple times a year and are a wealth of knowledge and should be leaned on by the Exalted Ruler and Officers as they have overseen the lodge as a president from behind the Fidelity Podium.


Alex Stirrat – Pool

We are lucky at #9 to not only have a great lodge but also to have a saltwater pool.  As a lodge member, you are able to join the pool.  Our pool has a swim team which competes in a summer league starting just after Memorial Day and running until mid-July.   The pool is great for families but also boasts other activities and events that are sure to interest everyone.

We always welcome any interest in helping us to make our pool the best it can be.  Members of the pool committee help plan and implement improvements to the pool and associated facilities.  If you have ideas about how to continue to make the pool a positive addition to the #9 Lodge, the pool committee has a place for you. We are looking for volunteers with knowledge from painting and mechanics to gardening. If you’re interested in helping, we definitely have something for you!

Pool memberships are charged separately than annual membership dues.  For all categories below, there must be 1 person who is an active Elk member. Senior – $75 each (65 and older); Single – $100, Couple – $175, Single Adult plus 1 Child – $175, Single Adult plus 2 Children – $250, Family – $325.

Public Relations

Rich Chrismer – Public Relations

It has often been said, and truthfully, that the benevolences of the Order are the best kept secret in the world. Good deeds are their own reward, but appropriate recognition of them can further the effort and gain the prestige that the Order deserves. As a result, the Order has instituted Public Relations programs at all levels of its activity. Section 13.140 of the Laws of the Order gives this Committee the responsibility of publicizing locally the programs of the Grand Lodge, State Associations and Lodges. The challenging assignment requires knowledge of the news media, ways of attracting their attention and continuing efforts to accomplish favorable results. Committee Members should carefully study the suggestions published in the Grand Lodge Media Relations Manual (Code 510700).

The Public Relations Committee is charged with telling the stories of Elks’ activities and programs, positioning our Lodge to gain favorable media coverage, building an awareness of the B.P.O. Elks, and even creating a greater interest in joining our organization.

The Public Relations Committee is appointed by the Exalted Ruler, is required by Grand Lodge statute, and should have no fewer than 3 members on the committee.
Goals of the Public Relations Committee; Monthly Newsletter and Advertising Sales, Community Relations, Enhancing your Lodge or State Association’s position and participation in the community through outreach efforts mutually benefiting your Lodge and the community, Crisis Management Maintaining your relationship with the public and media during a crisis setting, Government Relations, Representing your Lodge’s interests and activities to governing bodies and elected officials, Internal Relations, Serving as the conduit for information among your Lodge’s membership, Media Relations, Conducting outreach and responding to the media on behalf of your Lodge, Publicity, Furthering your Lodge’s interests through target-media coverage of your Lodge’s messages and events, A mixture of sales, marketing, advertising, and journalism, Recruiting volunteers, Inspiring donations, Motivating volunteers, Rewarding volunteers, Educating, Asking for help, Social Media, Press Releases, Media Relations, Website Communications, Government Relations, and Charitable Reporting.

The Lodge is served by Social Media (SoMe) platforms such as our public forward-facing ( ) Facebook, private ( ) Facebook, and Instagram ( ) Page.

Queen of Hearts

Bart Castelli – Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts Raffle, an Elks tradition from coast to coast, is held Tuesday nights at 8:00pm.  We had winners from $12,000.00 to $119,000.00 since 2017 so win big and support the lodge.


Coming soon…


Beth Schnettler – Scholarships

The Scholarship Committee is charged with collecting scholastic applications for the #9 Martino Trust Scholarship, grading applications and appropriately distributing the amount of money from the Martino Trust to those member’s children who meet the criteria. With an ever growing base of applicants, and a stagnant amount of funding, the committee will use an evolving point system to disperse the monies according to the Sponsoring Parents and/or child’s involvement in lodge activities or committees.

There will be three or four meetings to discuss the applications and allocate the funds, starting in June and running through July with judging in January.  Members are also requested to go through a similar, though far more thorough process when it’s time to grade the Elk’s national scholarship applications. This typically will take an afternoon and requires the committee members to travel to whichever lodge is hosting the event and is usually during July on a weekend afternoon.

Site Strategy

Michael Schnettler: Site Strategy

The Site Strategy Committee (newly formed as of July 2018) is composed of members who have expertise in Building/Office related items such as electrical, audio visual, plumbing, roofing, planning & zoning, etc. If you have questions and/or you’d like to lend a hand please contact Michael directly.

Swim Team

Erica Rose – Coach

The summer Swim Team competes against Bridgeton, Creve Coeur Racquet Club, Pattonville, River Bend, Seven Pines, and is open to 5-18 year old children of pool members.  The season of six meets culminates with a league conference meet runs from Memorial Day week (weather permitting).  The team practices multiple times throughout the week, practices are typically held Tuesday – Friday and Sunday with our swim meets held on Mondays.


Robert Dixon – Veterans
CAPT USN (Retired)
[email protected]

We put Veterans at the forefront of our Lodge.  Individually and collectively we host many functions annually to raise funds like our annual clay shoot, month long Elktoberfest and dinner, raffles, BBQs and other fundraising. We are gratified to host an annual Kayak with a Vet Community Awareness Event, visits to Veterans Homes, hosting of Veterans to events, outdoor experience events, and direct contribution to the vital needs for Veterans.  We also utilize grants from our Elks National Organization to support special projects.

Everyone knows of a Veteran.  Perhaps you are one, perhaps a family member, neighbor or friend.  We are always looking to meet the needs of Veterans who require help or assistance. We strive to “have fun” in all our endeavors and should you have an interest in our Veterans Committee we certainly welcome your enthusiasm.  Listed are just some of the organizations we support in their shared mission: USO, MO Veterans Homes, Individual Donations, Paralyzed Veterans, Joshua Chamberlain Society, Got Your Six Service dogs, Team River Runners, Patriot Guard, Mission 22 and others. We actively involve and encourage the Boy Scouts to participate in events.

Again, we thank you for your interest and look forward to your support of our mission.  We have a place for you and your ideas, and welcome both.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Veteran (Previous) Chair Emeritus; Brett Mosley, John Winkler (CAPT USN – Retired), Bob Cameron, Steve Milla, & David Roeth.

“As long as there are veterans, the Elks will be there to support them.”


Loren Hewitt – Volleyball

The Volleyball Committee oversees the operations and maintenance of the private volleyball courts located at the Northeast corner of the Elks #9 property. These duties include overseeing the concession trailer, pricing and inventory for products, product offering, and maintenance and cleaning of the trailer.

Also, the committee is responsible for the appearance and general condition of the courts.   This usually entails a major cleanup in the spring, general policing of the area during the season, and finally a take-down of equipment and winterizing the concession trailer.

The VB committee communicates and works closely with Missouri Sand Volleyball, the company that organizes the league teams and referees. In addition, the Volleyball Committee prepares the courts and generally oversees court rentals and charity events such as the Backstoppers ( & Joshua Chamberlain Society ( Volleyball Tournaments.


Timothy Luby / PER – Website

During his 24 months behind the Fidelity podium Tim Luby clamored for a website. Thanks to the diligent work of P.R. Chair Sara Moss & Secretary Goddard his wish became a reality in the Spring of 2020 when St. Louis #9 finally entered the 21st Century. Any and all suggestions are welcome!


Doug McWard – Wellness & PER
[email protected]

In 2022 Lodge #9 is holding two Wellness (aka Health) Fairs on Saturday April 23the and Saturday November 5th which will feature Blood Drives benefiting the American Red Cross. These will also feature flu shots, blood and EKG screenings, information about Organ Donations and more. Many members have donated blood to help restore our local blood banks. The screenings have helped identify members to potential health issues that they needed to be aware of. A healthy Elk is a Happy Elk!  The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the USA has joined forces with Donate Life America to increase donations of organs, eyes and life-saving tissue.  The Grand Lodge Fraternal Committee is asking Elks Lodges nationwide to promote the Organ Donor Program in their Lodge Bulletins and Lodge websites to help inspire members and citizens in their communities to make these life-saving donations. For more information on the importance of donation and how to become a registered donor in your state, click on the Donate Life icon to go to the Donate LifeSM web-site, or by logging onto This is a great way to show that “Elks Give from the Heart.”

Youth (Activities)

Timothy Luby – Youth Activities , Drug Awareness Trunk or Treat, Americanism Essay / PER
[email protected]

Youth Programs address the needs of the youth and be designed to fit within your Lodge budget and as our facility allows. Whatever programs adopted, select activities that spread throughout the year, and are sure to see them through to completion. To really do a constructive job and make a real impact on the Youth of your community, it is best to have continuous month-in and month out programs. Many of these projects require very little expense, if any, and give opportunity for active participation by your Members. Get as many of your Members as possible into your Youth Program. By so doing, you will have a better Lodge and will build a higher regard and prestige within your community.

Of the countless potential Youth Activities, Lodge #9 is pursuing; the Elks National “Hoop Shoot®” Free-Throw & Soccer Shoot Programs, Honoring the Flag, Essay contests, swimming classes and contests, the Elks Drug Awareness Program, the National Foundation, recreational camp and summer camping, the Antlers (young Elks to be), and the continued sponsorship of a local Boys Scouts Troop.

Hoop Shoot

For nearly 50 years, the Hoop Shoot has been developing gritty kids. The Elks Hoop Shoot is a Free Throw Program for Youth Ages 8-13.

With the novel coronavirus continuing to impact our communities, the health and safety of our program participants and dedicated volunteers is our top priority. We’ve made the decision to shorten the 2020-21 season and implement social distancing guidelines.

Soccer Shoot

Soccer is one of the fastest growing youth activities in the country. The Elks Soccer Shoot Program is geared to coincide with this sport phenomenon. From toddlers to teens, in our large urban centers to our small suburban settings, soccer is becoming the sport of choice for our youth. This program is the kind of sporting event to help keep our youth focused and away from undesirable activities.

The Elks Soccer Shoot program consists of two different contests that test different level skills at different ages. A “Five Goal Contest” consists of a series of five goals, decreasing in size from 48 inches to 17 inches. The age group that uses the goals in this contest are U-8 for ages 7 years old and younger. The contest is open to boys and girls who shoot separately. The U-8 contestants kick from 15 feet from the face of the goal.

The Grid Goal Contest consists of a full-size goal sectioned off so points can be scored when the ball is kicked into certain sections. The age groups that use this goal are U-10, for ages eight and nine, U-12, for ages ten and eleven, and U-14, for ages twelve and thirteen. The contest is open to both boys and girls and they shoot separately.

Winners at each contest are eligible to advance to the next level of competition. The levels are Local Lodge, District, State, and Region. Winners at both the State and Region levels will have their scores sent to the national level to determine a National Champion in each of the age and gender groups.