Hoop Shoot


Our annual Hoop Shoot hosted by the Youth Activities Committee was conducted December 3rd at Incarnate Word Parish (Chesterfield) and featured 20 shooters.


The 2022 Hoop Shoot was a part of the first ever ‘Youth Activities Day’ Saturday June 18


The 2nd Annual All American Saint Louis Elks Lodge #9 Hoop Shoot is Saturday December 11th at St. Monica’s Catholic School ( 12140 Olive Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63141 ) at 11:00am. https://stmonicastl.org/school

Participation Schedule : 11:00am (8-9 year olds), 11:30 (10-11 year olds), 12:00 (12-13 year olds) * Ages are determined as of 4/1/22.

To register, Email Chairman Matt Linhardt ( [email protected] ) who can also be reached @ 314-960-4437.

Coordination for the event will be at the Lodge Tuesday December 7th (6:30pm) during the youth activities meeting. Per Matt, “As far as volunteers, the more the merrier.  At a minimum, we would like x6 adult(ish) volunteers.  That is a Ref and 2 Scorekeepers for each of the boys and girls sides.  If needed, we can recruit some little kids to be ball retrievers. Of course, a few more adult volunteers would be great. I’ll get there about 45 early and if other volunteers are there by 30 min prior, we should be good to go.”

BPOE Hoop Shoot Schedule

  • Level 1, Elks Lodge 9 Shoot (Saturday December 11th at St. Monica’s)
  • Level 2, District 47780 Shoot (Saturday January 8th in Troy Missouri). Host Lodge is Troy #2805 which hasn’t announce the local gym and/or time as of 11/28/21.
  • Level 3, Missouri Elks Associated (MEA) Shoot (February 5th at Eureka High School – time TBA)
  • Level 4, BPOE 50th Anniversary Finals (April 30th in Chicago)
The 2nd Annual All American Saint Louis Lodge #9 Hoop Shoot will be Sunday December 11th from 11:00am to 1:00pm at either Incarnate Word Academy or St. Monica’s. Contact Tim Luby ( [email protected] ) for additional information.


The Saint Louis Elks Lodge #9 Hoop Shoot is Sunday, March 7 at St. Monica’s ( https://stmonicastl.org ).

Questions should be submitted to Chairman Matt Linhardt ([email protected] ), Youth Activities Chair Beth Schnettler ( [email protected] ), or Public Relations Chair Sara Moss ( [email protected] ).

Download your registration form here:

Email the completed form to: Chairman Matt Linhardt – [email protected]