Swim Team

2024 Swim Team Dues

$200 – 1st Swimmer
$100 – 2nd Swimmer
$50 – 3rd Swimmer
$25 – High School Swimmer

To Pay –

Erica Rose – Coach
Alise Marie Henry – Parent Rep
Kim Benhoff – Parent Rep
Jackie Natsch – Parent
Rep Kent Horsman – Finances

2021 – Meet Pictures

* 2023 – Everything below is dated *

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The 2022 Swim A Thon was Monday June 20th from 4 to 8pm
With Coach Erica Rose with Parent Representatives Kimberly Benhoff and Jaclyn Natsch backing her up the sky’s the limit for the 2022 Swim Team. The 2022 Meets are Monday June 13 versus Chesterfield Athletic Club, Monday June 13th verses Creve Coeur Racquet Club, Monday July 5th verses River Bend, Monday July 11th verses Seven Pines, and Monday July 18th verses Bridgeton.


The 2021 Swim Team has its first sign up (Saturday April 10th in the Hall of America), Five Meets; 1. Home verses Chesterfield Athletic Club (Monday June 14th), 2. Away verses Creve Coeur Racquet Club (Monday June 28th), 3. Away verses River Bend (Monday July 6), 4. Home verses Seven Pines (Monday July 12th), and 5. Away versus Bridgeton (Monday July 19) coaches (Jacob and Jared Morton), Clinics (dates TBA), and a potential Swim-A-Thon fundraiser happening.  If you have questions &/or a swimmer(s) contact Sara Moss (  [email protected] ), Jennifer Voight  ([email protected] ), or Tim Luby ( [email protected] ).