Ryan Jennings: Golf Chairman
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The Lodge has two Golf events in 2022; Thursday, March 31st ‘The Executive’ at Top Golf & Thursday, October 20th Pete Makulec Memorial Golf Tournament at Forest Park Golf Course Contact – Ryan L. Jennings 314-609-968


Saint Louis #9 fielded three teams in the Saturday, May 22nd Affton Lodge #2635 Golf Tournament held at Mystic Oaks in Waterloo Illinois. Golf Chair Ryan Jennings reported that Saint Louis #9 won the trophy in a scorecard playoff.
(L to R) Brett Mosley, Kurt Eggerding, Mark Goddard, Skip Bray, Aj Ford, Ryan Jennings, Tim Brennan, Mike Dalton, Rich Chrismer, Ben Yousef, Andy Belval, & Tim Leland.
The 2021 lodge tournament is Thursday, August 19th at Forest Park followed by dinner in the lodge Hall of America.
Dates for the 2021 Front Yard (one club Challenge) and Army/Navy Tournaments will be announced later in the year.