Flag Dedication


Thursday February 10th All American Saint Louis #9 conducted our 2nd Annual Flag Dedication Ritual. Thanks to aspiring Eagles from Troup 492 from Bellerive Elementary who assisted. God Bless America!


Thursday February 18th 2021 the Lodge conducted its inaugural Flag Dedication Ritual in the Hall of America.  Major credit is due to Americanism Chairman Jerry Wittenauer and Veterans Committee Chair David Roeth who set everyone straight and created the materials.

(L to R); Ryan Lord (Eagle Scout), David Roeth (Esquire + Vets Chair), Kurt Lord (E.R.), Jerry Wittenauer (Americanism Chair), AJ Ford (Leading Knight), Beth Schnettler (Lecturing Knight), Julious Adewunmi (Chaplain), Ryan Jennings (Loyal Knight), Tim Luby (P.E.R.)
(L to R) – Jerry Whittenauer (Americanism Chair), David Roeth (Esquire + Vets Chair), Kurt Lord (E.R.)


The 2nd Annual Flag Day Ritual is Thursday February 10th, 2022.