State Major Project

Within Elkdome every State has a “Major State Project” and for Missouri it’s the Mobile Dental Van.

Here’s the MEA (Missouri Elks Association) Dental Van in America’s Birthday Parade in downtown St. Louis Saturday July 5th, 2022. To learn more here’s a hotlink to the website…

Missouri Elks Benevolent Trust, Inc.

This organization was incorporated in order to have a functioning group to operate the Elks State Major Project, the Dental Care Program. The officers, trustees, and Board of Management are elected from all Elks districts in Missouri. They meet twice a year and when special meetings are needed. Current officers are listed in the State Directory of the Missouri Elks Association. Every local lodge secretary has a copy.

Elks Dental Care Program

Since 1962, Mobile Dental Units, purchased and equipped by the Elks, have served the dental needs of eligible physically challenged children, and mentally challenged/developmentally disabled adults and children. Basic and routine dental treatments include x-rays, examinations, cleaning, fluoride treatments, fillings, routine extractions and referrals. Each year, dental procedures are performed on more than 3,000 patients. The value of these services is over $700,000.

Treatment Included in the Elks Dental Program

The Program was started for disabled children who could not be treated by local dentists due to various reasons. The Mobile Unit treatment includes:

  • Examination and Diagnosis
  • Prophylaxis and Topical Fluoride Applications
  • Removal of Infected or Painful Teeth
  • Restoration of Infected or Painful Teeth
  • Treatment of Ginfivitis or Mouth Infections
  • Placement of Steel Crowns and Space Maintainers
  • Pit and Fissure Sealants
  • Preventative and Oral Hygiene Instructions to Patient and Family
  • X-Rays
  • Root Canals

Dentistry on Wheels

The Elks Dental Program is adminstered by the Missouri Department of Health, who has a contract with Truman Medical Center – Lakewood. The Hospital staffs these units, schedules the calls, completes the treatment, and reports the results to the Missouri Elks Benevolent Trust.

Three units are scheduled to cover the entire state. Unit 1 serves western, unit 2 central, and unit 3 eastern Missouri. Units will be scheduled for the same area at nearly the same time each year. Units could be at Elks Lodges, Regional Health Centers or other appropriate locations.


The funds raised through Elk members pledges of $100 to $1,000, plus special donations by Lodges, Ladies Auxiliaries, Memorials, Legacies, Elks National Foundation Annual Contributions, and other donations go towards –

  • Purchase and upkeep of Mobile Dental Units and Equipment
  • Fellowships for Special Dental Training for Handicapped Patients
  • Other Dental Projects
  • Operational Costs


For more information, please contact Brian Crawford, Director, Missouri Elks Benevolent Trust, 4046 Sturbridge Drive, Jefferson City, MO 65109 or 573-821-0468.

March 2020 – Lodge Newsletter article

As part of the grants committee, it is our obligation is to remind our lodge members to make their annual donation to the Elks National Foundation and the Missouri Benevolent Fund of at least $4.75 to each. Donations to both funds are tax deductible. The Elks National Foundation donations help ENF fund the grant programs. St. Louis Lodge #9 has benefited this year by receiving 5 grants totaling $11,500 to help our community. The Missouri Benevolent Fund helps fund the dental vans by providing dental care throughout the state who otherwise would not be able to afford dental care. You can leave your checks with the bartender and the lodge will forward for you. Please help by giving your donation today.

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