Monday Mar 22 2021 @ 7:55 PM – Notice to Members – Vote April 5th

Dear Members:

In our March 15th, 2021 Lodge Meeting we had a member wanting Life status membership and a former member that would like a pardon and reinstatement.  Ray Thurman has requested a Life membership after being a member for the last 38 years.  He is a veteran and is retired from the Overland Police Department after 40 years at the rank of Captain.  Jay Van Luven has requested a pardon and reinstatement into our Lodge.  We will have a discussion and a vote on both of these issues in our next Lodge meeting on Monday, April 5th, 2021 at 6:30pm.

Mark Goddard
St. Louis Elks #9

Monday March 22 @ 3:19 PM – March/April Happenings at Elks Lodge #9

This Week
03/22 Monday – Board of Directors @ 6:30
03/23 Tuesday – All American Lodge @ 5:30
03/23 Tuesday – Site Strategy @ 6:00
03/23 Tuesday – Deadline to sign up for the Veterans Fish Fry
03/24 Wednesday – Golf Committee @ 6:30
03/25 Thursday – Committee Chair meeting with E.R. Elect Ford @ 6:30
03/26 Friday – Veterans Fish Fry

Next Week
03/28 Sunday – Volleyball cleanup @ 11:00
03/28 Sunday – Scholarships workshop @ 2:00
04/01 Thursday – Cardinals Away Opener

Two Weeks
04/05 Monday – Lodge Meeting + Installing of Officers @ 6:30
04/06 Tuesday – Queen of Hearts returns + military sign reveal
04/07 Wednesday – Ladies Auxiliary @ 7:00
04/08 Thursday – Cardinals Home opener
04/10 Saturday – Swim Team Sign up @ 11:00

Three Weeks
04/11 Sunday – V.P. & District Meetings at Affton #2635 @ 1:00
04/13 Wednesday – Pool Committee @ 6:30

Four Weeks
04/19 Monday – Lodge Meeting @ 6:30
04/20 Tuesday – Public Relations @ 6:30
04/21 Wednesday – Ladies Night featuring Bunco (first roll @ 7:00)
** The pool is looking for more Lifeguards, if you know anyone interested please contact:
Alex Stiratt: [email protected] or Mark Gabauer: [email protected] **

Copyright © 2021 Elks Lodge 9, All rights reserved.

Thursday February 11, 2021
Public Relations Committee Eblast

Dear Lodge Members:
The County has released its amended Order (here) increasing our capacity limits to fifty percent (50%) effective today, Thursday, 11 February, 2021. Rentals are still limited to fifty (50) people. With this capacity increase we are still subject to the County regulatory obligations as outlined in 7 January, 2021, “Grand Reopening” Notice. Specifically, all patrons (guests and Members) must sign in for the purposes of contract tracing. That being said, we are thrilled at the capacity increase and as things continue to trend in a positive direction we look forward to continued capacity increase. We hope to see you around the Lodge!

Sincerely, Lodge #9 Board of Directors

Monday February 8, 2021
Public Relations Committee Eblast

Super Bowl Squares Winners!

Thank you to all who participated in our Super Bowl Squares contest & congratulations to the following individuals who won!  All winners will be contacted and winnings dispersed this week!
Q1 – Brad Barnes ($100)
Q2 – Mark Brusati ($100)
Q3 – Tom Schmuelling ($100)
Q4 – Tom Schmuelling ($200)

Congratulations and Thank You to Beth/Michael Schnettler & Marke/Susie Yarnall for raising nearly $300 for the Scholarship Committee through their appetizer sales!

Lodge #9 Board of Directors

Wednesday February 3, 2021
Public Relations Committee Eblast

Dear Lodge Members:

By now you have likely heard St. Louis County has amended its current regulations such that we are now permitted to remain open until 1100p. House Committee took up the matter and has elected to extend operating hours on Fridays and Saturdays until 1100p. The bar will continue to close at 1000p Monday-Thursday. This is the next step in returning to normal operations and we look forward to seeing you.

Benjamin L. Yousef,
Chairman, Board of Directors

Monday, Jan 4, 2021 at 10:14 AM
Subject: Lodge Reopening – Lodge Members:

First, by now you have likely heard that limited reopening is permitted under the amended County Order, which went into effect today, 4 January, 2021; along with this comes a bevy of requirements. The Board, in conjunction with the House Committee and Exalted Ruler, have reviewed the Order and are determining how quickly we can accomplish the required tasks. When we have a fixed date to reopen the bar a follow up communication will be distributed conveying that information.

Second, we are planning to move forward with our regularly scheduled (and calendared) Lodge meeting this evening at 630p. We are limited to fifty (50) persons total in the facility for meetings and therefore you should arrive a little early if you want guaranteed admittance.

Third, some good news to start off the calendar year. We would like to acknowledge the efforts of AJ Ford, Beth Schnettler, and Bob Dixon on the occasion of the phenomenally successful drive-by Steak Night of Friday, 1 January, 2021. Through their efforts and coordination we raised approximately $1,500.00 in proceeds to benefit our bartenders. Thank you to those who volunteered and participated in this event.

The Administration appreciates your patience while we coordinate the necessary actions to adjust the facility so we may reopen the bar. We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Benjamin L. Yousef
Chairman, Board of Directors

Kick Off 2021 with Drive Thru Steak Night!Profits to Benefits Lodge #9 Bartenders

In this era of Covid we have all adjusted to drive-thru, curbside pickup and to-go dining!  What better way to put 2020 behind us and kick off the new year than with a fundraiser to benefit our bartenders!  We hope you will sign up for our first ever, Drive Thru Steak Night on January 1, 2021. That’s right you don’t even have to get out of your car! It’s easy!

  • Sign up & pay at the lodge on either December 15 or December 22 between the hours of 430pm – 730pm each night.
  • Sign Up & pay online click here
  • Two pickup time slots to choose from!
  • All proteins will be uncooked.
  • Prepared side dishes include roasted potatoes, green beans and salad.
  • Last day to sign up is December 28, 2020.

Monday, December 7, 2020 – P.R. Committee E-Blast
Subject: Events and December Donations at Lodge #9

Sign up for Upcoming Events and Bring your Donations!

The Second Annual Army-Navy Lodge #9 Golf Classic:
Saturday, December 12th at Four Seasons Golf Course. All registrations and prepayments of $25 per player can be done via Bob Dixon at 314-578-0625 or [email protected].

Vets Committee Army vs Navy squares:
December 12th. Click here to see the board. Good luck!

New Years Eve Event:
Ring in the New Year at Lodge #9 – Live Music by the Sappingtones, Food by M&S Catering.
$25/per person – limited to 100. Sign up online or call the office.

Ladies Night Featuring Bunco:
Starting in January – 1/20, 2/17 3/17, 4/21. Catered by M&S Catering. First roll @7pm

Don’t forget about our donation opportunities at the Lodge in the Month of December:

Coat Drive: 
Please drop off your new and gently used Winter coats, hats, gloves and new socks Every Tuesday in December 12/8 -12/15 – 12/22 and 12/29 between 4pm and 7pm each Tuesday. 
Benefiting the Brenda and Kurt Warner Foundation.

Elks #9 Food Drive:
Donations needed: PB&J and Pasta Sauce. Drop off food Tuesdays, 4-7pm while lodge is closed. Benefiting Circle of Concern Food Pantry
Click Here for Donation and Event Flyers
Sign Up for the New Years Event H

Saturday, November 14, 2020 at 2:05 PM
Subject: Lodge Operations Update

Dear Lodge Members:

As you may have heard, St. Louis County Executive Sam Page has issued a new health order (here). Similar to the previous orders the Lodge is subject to this new order, which takes effect Tuesday, 17 Nov., 2020, and is to last for four (4) weeks, at which time it will be re-evaluated by the County. Unfortunately, this means the interior of the Lodge is closed effective Tuesday, 17 Nov., 2020. This also means any general Lodge meetings between Tuesday, 17 Nov., 2020, through 15 December, 2020, are cancelled. Further, the planned November steak night is also cancelled. On balance there are too many logistical issues under the new order to address on such short notice to proceed with the event.
One piece of good news:  we have a general Lodge meeting scheduled for Monday, 16 Nov., 2020, at 6:30pm, with an initiation. This will be operating under the current regulations.
All we can do at this point is wait it out and hope the situation has improved within four (4) weeks. On behalf of the Administration we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you all again soon.
Benjamin L. Yousef, Esq.
Chairman, Board of Directors

Friday, October 30, 2020
Subject: New Process for Email Communication to Members

From the PR Committee – New process for email communication to members

Starting in November, the PR committee has approved a new process to email members about events and with updates from committees and officers.

Instead of the bi-weekly happenings and constant one-off emails, we will be going to a once a week #9 update email. Each week, any and all chairs and officers can email the [email protected] account with what they would like included in the following Monday’s update.

The information will be due by end of day on the Friday prior to the email being sent out, (For example – we will start this process next week – all updates need to be sent to the above address no later than end of day Friday, November 6th for distribution Monday the 9th)
Over the weekend, the PR chair will compile the updates, upload any necessary files/flyers to the website and pull the week’s events and meetings from the website to create the Monday update email.
One-off emails should be reserved for important lodge business (such as vote notifications), emergency emails from the Board or House committees and monthly newsletters.

Please contact me if you have any questions/comments about this new process: [email protected]

Best – Sara Moss, PR Chair

Monday, October 26, 2020

PER Pete Makulec Memorial Blood Drive & Health Fair

Elks #9 Members, we need more members willing to give blood at the #9 PER Pete Makulec Memorial Blood Drive. Click the link below to learn more about the event, or click here to sign up!  Appointments only! (Social distancing) No walk-ins. Please bring a mask…or one will be provided.  All presenting donors get a voucher to redeem for a color short sleeved, vintage-inspired shirt or a $5 electronic gift card.

Sunday, October 25, 2020 – Officer and Committee Chair Training Awareness Seminar

To Our Elected and Appointed Officers and Committee Chairs:

You have an opportunity to attend an event that will help you with your role:  The Lodge #9 Officer and Committee Chair Training Awareness Seminar.  

We accepted leadership positions. In order for the Lodge to succeed, we need to understand the right process and procedures. That’s why I am highly encouraging near 100% attendance.

Short, Informative, and Convenient: 45-60 minutes. The info is designed to be helpful. You can pick one of two dates:

Saturday, November 14, 2020 – 11am to 12pm
Saturday, November 21, 2020 – 12pm to 1pm

Will you please check your calendar and e-mail me back your pick of dates?

Kurt Lord – ER

Sunday, October 18, 2020 – October 19th Meeting Agenda

To Our Members:

We have an upcoming Lodge Meeting: 6:30 pm on Monday, October 19th. I would like to highlight some important items to expect and encourage you to come. This will be a short-form meeting so we can get to the business at hand.

Highlights of the Agenda:

  1. George Pfandler proposed a motion that put in writing the existing Lodge practice of smoking in the facility. This motion does not restrict smoking beyond the current practice. There are two ways to vote on this motion:
        a) Come to the Lodge on Monday with your membership card and cast your vote in a ballot box before the meeting.
        b) Vote at the meeting.
    There may be a motion in the near future to address a different smoking solution.
  2. An update regarding the new Elks sign at the front of our property.
  3. We will be voting on the spending of the funds from the St Louis County Grant.
  4. An update about the Trunk or Treat (October 24th), the only remaining Steak Night in 2020 (October 30th), the front yard golf event (October 25th) the BB Gun Shoot (October 31st), and future plans such as the Christmas Auction and Breakfast with Santa.
  5. Part of the Lodge meeting is Sickness and Distress of Members. If you would like me to make a special announcement, just e-mail me at [email protected].  

We have a full agenda. We will be efficient with our time. So to be in the know …. join us!

Kurt Lord – Exalted Ruler

Monday October 12 – Important Notice

Lodge Members:
First, we have been notified a volleyball bartender has tested positive for COVID-19. The bartender’s last date of work was Tuesday, 6 Oct., 2020, at which time the bartender did not report feeling ill. The bartender tested positive on Saturday, 10 Oct., 2020. The bartender was not on our grounds after the end of shift on Tuesday, 6 Oct., 2020, and will not be working again for the remainder of the volleyball season. We wish the employee a speedy recovery.

Second, for the sake of being thorough Volleyball has already sanitized the area(s) in which the employee was working and the other bartenders have been notified. Similarly, we are reaching out to our volleyball partner to ensure everyone is on the same page. At this time we have no reason to believe this is anything but an isolated incident in relation to our Lodge.

Be assured the Board takes these matters seriously and we are continuing to monitor the situation.

Benjamin L. Yousef, Esq.
Chairman, Board of Directors

Thursday October 8, 2020 : Date Correction – House Rule Vote – October 19th

*Please Note – Date Correction. Vote will be held on October 19, 2020*

Dear Member:
This letter serves as notice the following floor vote on a new House Rule shall be taken during the regular Lodge meeting on October 19th, 2020. The text of the rules follows.
 “Smoking shall be permitted in the Lodge #9 club room – bar and/or Lounge area(s). Smoking shall also be permitted on the East and South patios unless restricted by this section. Smoking may be temporarily prohibited in part or all of these areas by a majority vote of Lodge members during a regular or special Lodge meeting. Any temporary prohibition shall not exceed twenty four (24) hours.”
Due to ongoing County Regulations we are unable to accommodate everyone during the Lodge meeting itself. With permission from the Grand Lodge, therefore, we will have a designated time range from 12:00pm-6:30pm on October 19, 2020, in which votes could be received outside of the regular Lodge meeting.

This option is presented for those who wish to cast their vote but do not wish to speak on the matter. To exercise this option Members shall present themselves at the Lodge, be identified by an employee or Officer, cast his/her vote, and then may leave. To ensure proper identification if you use this option you must bring your Membership Card. This option may be exercised between 1200p-800p on October 19, 2020.

By way of reminder the regular bar hours start at 4:00pm and the Lodge Meeting will start at 6:30 where we will have a discussion and a vote. Though you will be able to enter the bar for the purpose of voting after 12:00pm the bar will not be open for use until 4:00pm. We appreciate your cooperation as we navigate these circumstances.

Mark Goddard, Secretary
St. Louis Lodge No. 9 Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

Copyright © 2020 Elks Lodge 9, All rights reserved.

Lodge Happenings – Thursday October 8, 2020

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Thursday, October 8: Veterans Committee, 7pm
Saturday, October 10: Volunteers needed to close pool, 10:00am
Tuesday, October 13: Queen of Hearts Returns + Freedom Brats, 6-8pm; House and Youth Activities, 6:30pm
Sunday, October 18: Initiation Ritual, 12:30pm

Monday, October 19: Lodge Meeting, 6:30pm
Tuesday, October 20: Public Relations, 6pm
Thursday, October 22: Auction Committee, 6pm
Saturday, October 24: Trunk or Treat feat. the Creve Coeur Drug Awareness Van, 2-4pm
Sunday, October 25: Golf, one club six hole front yard tournament
Monday, October 26: Board of Directors, 6:30
Tuesday, October 27: All American Lodge, 7pm
Friday, October 30: P.E.R. Maskerade Steak Night, sign up here.
Saturday, October 31: BB Gun Shoot hosted by the Veterans Committee, Noon

Saturday, November 7 – Pete Makulec Memorial Blood Drive and Health Fair, 9am-1pm

Upon being Initiated all Elks pledged to give $10 annually to the ENF:

Who’s eligible for Scholarships?

Please join our Lodge #9 Socials!

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Monday September 21, 2020 – Smoking Solutions Workshop RSVP

Please RSVP for the Smoking Solutions Workshop.

As you know, the Site Strategy Committee will host a “Smoking Solutions Workshop” on Sunday, September 27, 2020 at Lodge #9, from 2 – 4pm to discuss long term planning and potential smoking solutions which would accommodate smokers & non-smokers alike.  The event will be facilitated by Todd Streiler & Secretary Mark Goddard.  It will consist of an overall discussion, breakout and brainstorming sessions.  If you would like to be involved and have your voice heard on this matter, please join us for this unprecedented lodge gathering. Workshop starts promptly at 2pm, please plan to stay for the full 2 hour session.

So we can prepare for event attendance – you will need to RSVP to at:

*Please bring a mask to wear as we will be following St. Louis County & CDC guidelines for your safety.

Thursday September 17, 2020 – Happenings at the 9er


Friday, September 18: Pool Hours 4:00 – 8:00
Saturday, September 19: Pool Hours 11:00 – 8:00
Sunday, September 20: Pool Hours 11:00 – 8:00

Monday, September 21: Lodge Meeting 6:30pm
Tuesday, September 22: All American Lodge Meeting 6pm
Thursday, September 24: Flag Retirement Ritual 7:30pm

Friday, September 25: Pool Hours 4:00-8:00
Saturday, September 26: Pool Hours 11:00 – 8:00
Sunday, September 27: Pool Hours 11:00 – 8:00; Site Strategy Open Forum ‘Charette’ on Smoking Solutions 2pm

Monday, September 28: Board of Directors 6:30pm


Thursday, October 1: Auction Committee 6pm; P.E.R. Association 7pm
Friday, October 2: Elktober kickoff dinner 7pm (this was cancelled 09/17/20)

Monday, October 5: Lodge Meeting 6:30pm; District Deputy visit 5:30pm
Tuesday, October 6: Entertainment Meeting 6pm
Thursday, October 8: Veterans Committee 7pm

Tuesday, October 3: House & Youth Activities
Sunday, October 18: Initiation Ritual 12:30pm
Monday, October 19: Lodge Meeting 6:30pm


Sunday, October 25: Chili Cook off & Youth Golf Clinic
Saturday, October 24: Trunk or Treat featuring the Creve Coeur Drug Awareness Van
Friday, October 30: Spooktacular PER Steak Night

With all that the Lodge has to offer don’t be delinquent. To cover the annual $178.50 simply go here…

And learn about Scholarships here…
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from gmail aug 31

Friday September 11, 2020 – Smoking Solutions Workshop

The Site Strategy Committee will host a “Smoking Solutions Workshop”* on Sunday September 27, 2020 at Lodge #9 to discuss long term planning and potential smoking solutions which would accommodate smokers & non-smokers alike.  The event will be facilitated by Todd Streiler & Secretary Mark Goddard.  It will consist of an overall discussion, breakout and brainstorming sessions.  If you would like to be involved and have your voice heard on this matter, please join us for this unprecedented lodge gathering.

*Please bring a mask to wear as we will be following St. Louis County & CDC guidelines for your safety.

Copyright © 2020 Elks Lodge 9, All rights reserved.

Wednesday September 9, 2020 – Confessions of a Rule Breaker

I confess, I park on the grass when I don’t really need to.  I like to park next to the office and don’t like cars next to me.

I also “forget” to pick up my beer bottles (The empty ones, of course. Remembering the full ones is easy!)

I don’t always wear a mask when I should.

And I occasionally drop an “F-bomb”… I know… shoot me.

But I’m not the only one.  In fact, I have noticed quite a few people who are also partaking in these vices.

If I promise to be better, will you join me?  Elks Care, Elks Share,
are respectful to others, and to their Lodge.

Mark Goddard

Friday September 4, 2020 – Happenings at the 9er

Time is running out to join our 4th Annual Veterans Clay Shoot – Saturday, September 26!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join and compete with your fellow Elks while raising funds for our cherished veterans. 

Reminder that after Labor Day weekend, pool hours will be Friday/Saturday/Sunday only.

Don’t be a delinquent. We’ve made it easy for Delinquent Members to get caught up:

Labor Day Weekend

Friday September 4: Pool & Lodge Open at 4:00Poolside Kids Movie (Frozen) at 7:30
Saturday September 5: Pool Open at 11; Hall & Patios closed for Private Event 11-4; Free Hot Dogs & Ice Cream for kids 1-4; Please utilize Traditional Covenant for overflow parking
Sunday September 6: Pool & Lodge Open at 11; Wacky Wing Ding 1-4; Live Music by the Sappingtones 2-6
Labor Day Monday September 7: Lodge and Pool Open at 11; Afternoon Funnel Cake sale


Tuesday, September 8: Entertainment Committee 6pm; Site Strategy Meeting 6:30pm; House Committee 6:30pm; Youth Activities Committee 6:30pm
Thursday, September 10: Auction Committee 6pm; Veterans Committee 7pm
Friday, September 11: Patriot Day
Sunday, September 13: Site Strategy – Open Forum “Charette” 1pm; 9S 6:00pm
Monday, September 14: Lodge Meeting + Initiation Ritual 6:30pm
Tuesday, September 15: P.R. Committee 6pm
Monday, September 21: Lodge Meeting 6:30pm
Tuesday, September 22: TENTATIVE Return of QoH
Thursday, September 24: Flag Retirement Ritual 7:30pm
Saturday, September 26: Veterans Clay Shoot 8:30am
Monday, September 28: Board of Directors 6:30pm


Thursday, October 1: Auction Committee 6pm; P.E.R. Association – Quarterly Meeting 7pm
Friday, October 2: Elktober kick off dinner – Hall of America 7pm
Monday, October 5: District Deputy Visit 5:30pm; Lodge Meeting 6:30pm
Thursday, October 8: Veterans Committee 7pm
Sunday, October 11: 9S 6pm
Monday, October 12: Columbus Day

Stay in the know on all Happenings at the Lodge here:

Elks 9 P.R. Committee

Sunday, Aug 30 – Update on Brian Lorenz

To Our Members:

Many #9 members have been asking for an update on our fellow Elk Brian Lorenz who was involved in a private plane accident last Saturday.  We are very happy to report that Brian is expected to make a full recovery.

For those of you who know Brian, you know he is a highly-experienced pilot and this ability guided him to make an emergency landing of a malfunctioning plane in a manner that not only saved his life but potentially others on the ground.  The fact that Brian is still with us is a combination of a miracle and magnificent flying.

Brian has been moved to a private room, but due to COVID-19 restrictions he is still only allowed one visitor per day, which includes family members.  We know many of you want to go see him and wish him well, but please resist this temptation as your visit would knock off the list others he is expecting.

Please continue to keep Brian in your prayers and expect another update soon.

Board of Directors

August 19, 2020 – Pool Update

The pool committee met last week and our Pool Chair Alex wanted to share some exciting news and updates with members for the remainder of the pool season:
1] New Diving Board is now installed weight limit 240lbs2] August POOL Hours starting Tuesday August 25th     Tuesday thru Thursday 4pm-8pm
     Friday 4pm-9pm
     Saturday 11am- 9pm
     Sunday 11am- 8pm
3] Newly added September Hours starting Friday September 11th     Fridays  4pm-8pm
     Saturdays 11am-8pm
     Sundays 11am- 8pm
4] Labor Day Weekend Events
     Friday, September 4th – Kids Movie Night @ 730pm
     Saturday, September 5th – Back to School @ the POOL
     FREE Hot Dogs and Ice Cream for Kids 1pm-4pm (while supplies last)
    Sunday, September 6th – Wacky Wing Ding #2  & The Sappingtones Band
5] Guests are still allowed – $5 per guest, pay at the Concession Stand

August 17, 2020 – Happenings

Monday, August 17: Lodge Meeting
Tuesday, August 18: P.R. Committee 6pm; Site Strategy 6:30pm P.E.R. Meeting 7pm
Wednesday, August 19: Golf Committee 6pm
Sunday, August 23: District Deputy Clinic + VP Meeting, Crestwood #2503 1-3pm
Wednesday, August 26: Golf Committee 6pm
Friday, August 28: Steak Night (Cancelled)
Sunday, August 30: New Member Initiation, Indoctrination 11am, Ritual at noon
Monday, August 31: Board of Directors 6:30pm
Wednesday, September 2: Golf Committee 6pm
Thursday, September 3: Annual Golf Tournament, Forest Park G.C. 12:30pm, dinner at 6pm
Friday, September 4: Kids Movie Night 7:30pm
Saturday, September 5: Poolside free Hot Dogs and Ice Cream for Kids, 1-4pm (till supplies last)
Sunday, September 6: Wacky Wing Ding #2 featuring live music by the Sappingtones
Monday, September 7: Labor Day – Lodge & Pool Open
Tuesday, September 8: House Committee 6:30pm; Youth Activities Committee 6:30pm
Thursday, September 10: Auction Committee 6pm; Veterans Committee 7pm
Friday, September 11: Patriot Day
Sunday, September 13: 9S 6:30pm
Monday, September 14: Lodge Meeting 6:30pm

Another reminder that going forward the longstanding online calendar is obsolete. All Lodge activities are listed within the “Events” section of our new website. Stay up to date here:
New Pool Hours beginning Tuesday August 25: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (4-8), Fridays (4-9). Saturdays (11-9), Sundays (11-8)
Delinquent Members here’s where you get caught up:

August Aug 6, 2020 Email – #9 Covid Procedure Update

To Our Members:

As you are aware, St Louis County has had a rise in COVID cases. St. Louis County has implemented new guidelines and procedures.

St Louis Elks Lodge #9 has been fortunate. We have had no knowledge of COVID transmission at our property. I have consulted with, and received advice from, our Grand Lodge Representative as well as many Officers and Board Members. I am now asking the House Committee and Secretary to help implement the following procedures for the safety of our members and their guests as soon as possible.

  1.  Place a mandatory sign-in sheet for all entering our property. This is only for tracking purposes in case an issue arises. This includes pool, indoor bar, patios, office, and construction areas.  This will help our Lodge provide the necessary contact tracing required if a person reports being COVID-19 positive.  
  2. Except for the office, all individuals inside our facilities are asked to wear a mask unless they are consuming beverages and/or food at indoor tables.
  3. Post the COVID Guidelines approved by the Board of Directors.

Thanks for your understanding and appreciation of these items. Our objective is to keep us healthy so that we can continue to enjoy our Lodge.

Kurt Lord – Exalted Ruler

August 5, 2020 Email – Capital Improvement Proposal

Dear Member of St. Louis Lodge #9
During our previous Lodge meeting, we read a possible Capital Improvement Proposal. Proposal is included below.
We will have a discussion, and a vote on this possible proposal at the next Lodge Meeting on Monday, August 16th. (correct date is the 17th)

As a reminder, the previous discussion and voting on the Smoking Proposals have been delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions on the number of people we can have in attendance.

Emergency Repair and Remodel of Lodge Club Room
St. Louis Lodge #9 plans to expend Lodge funds in excess of the $25,000.00 capital expenditure limit to repair and remodel the Lodge Club Room/Bar due to emergency maintenance issues. Repairs include:  extending our utilities’ useful life and replacing damaged components to meet current code(s). Renovations include:  updates to the bar, HVAC, flooring, and ceiling. The Lodge will not be taking out a loan, and unrestricted funds are currently available to pay the balance from an insurance claim.
Total Cost Estimate              $90,000.00
The $90,000.00 represents the total amount of estimated capital expenses for the repair and remodeling of the Lodge’s Club Room and Bar. $31,336.00 has been spent to date to accomplish emergency repairs and critical purchases to minimize downtime. After obtaining bids from a general contractor, plumbers, and equipment suppliers it is estimated the total cost to renovate the Club Room is $75,000.00.
This proposal will be paid exclusively from existing Lodge general funds (no debt created/no property to be mortgaged). Person to be authorized to act for the Lodge:  Kurt Lord.

August 4, 2020 – Concession Stand Freezer is broken! Can you help??

Please Help If You Can!!

Dear Members, the stand up freezer used in the concession stand is no longer working. We need a new freezer ASAP to avoid loosing food used for concession! If anyone has a stand up freezer to donate or knows where we can get a good deal on one please contact our Pool Chairs:

Alex Stirrat: [email protected]
Mark Gabauer: [email protected]

Elks Care, Elks Share!

August 1, 2020 – Lodge Member Safety Protocol

Dear Lodge Members:

The Board has been working to develop a policy in the event we have a Member who tests positive for COVID-19 after visiting the Lodge. In the wake of the County Executive’s decision and the resulting regulatory Order (here) we wanted to distribute the guidelines to the Membership so you know we are doing what we can to balance legitimate safety concerns with the generally laid back atmosphere of our Lodge.

You can view the Safety Protocols here:

Thank you all for your cooperation as we continue to navigate the ever changing circumstances.

Benjamin L. Yousef, Esq.
Chairman, Board of Directors

August 1, 2020 – Happenings

  • Our annual Elks #9 golf tournament is scheduled for Thursday, September 3rd at Forest Park. More details here:
  • The August food item for Circle of Concern
    ( is Box Dinner Helpers.
  • Sunday, August 2: Initiation Ritual, 12pm
  • Wednesday, August 5: Golf Committee, 6pm; Start date for ENF Scholarship applications (
  • Tuesday, August 11: Site Strategy/Smoking Solution discussion 5:30pm; Youth Activities, 6:30pm; House Committee, 6:30pm
  • Thursday, August 13: Auction Committee, 6pm; Veterans Committee 7pm
  • Monday, August 17: Lodge Meeting
  • Tuesday, August 18: P.R. Committee 6pm; P.E.R. Meeting 7pm
  • Sunday, August 23: District Deputy Clinic + VP Meeting, Crestwood #2503 1-3pm
  • Monday, August 24: Board of Directors 6:30pm
  • Wednesday, August 26: Golf Committee 6pm
  • Friday, August 28: Steak Night hosted by the Patio Committee
  • Going forward the longstanding online calendar is obsolete. All Lodge activities are listed within the “Events” section of our new website:

July 23, 2020 – Smoking Vote Postponed

To Our Elks Lodge #9 Members:

As you may know, we are planning to have a vote on the issue of allowing smoking in the Lodge bar room. This vote has been scheduled for our meeting on July 27th.

We have decided to postpone the vote on the smoking issue. We made this decision after realizing the anticipated attendance for the vote, consulting the current St Louis County COVID assembly guidelines, and talking with our Grand Lodge representatives. (The July 27th Lodge meeting will be held.)

We are working with our Grand Lodge representatives to have the vote soon but held in a manner that minimizes risks. I will keep you informed regarding the vote date as well as the procedures designed for effective participation and appropriate social distancing.

  • Kurt Lord, Exalted Ruler  

July 20, 2020 – P.E.R. Meet & Greet postponed

Due to on-going social distancing restrictions at Lodge #9, it has been decided to reschedule the planned July 26th PER Meet & Greet with current lodge officers and committee chairs until a more appropriate date. I apologize for any inconvenience and will share our rescheduled date as soon as it is selected.

Bob Dixon – PER Chair

July 18, 2020 – Proclamation on the Death of John Lewis, Lodge Flag to be flown at Half-Staff

“As a mark of respect for the memory and longstanding public service of Representative John Lewis, of Georgia, I hereby order, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions through July 18, 2020.  I also direct that the flag shall be flown at half‑staff for the same period at all United States embassies, legations, consular offices, and other facilities abroad, including all military facilities and naval vessels and stations. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this eighteenth day of July, in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-fifth.” DONALD J. TRUMP

July 17, 2020 – Notice to all members

The Lodge Hall and side (east) patio will be closed to members for a private event this Saturday, July 18th from 1-5pm.

Members wanting to come up to the Lodge may utilize the front (South) patio and purchase drinks from the Pool concession during those hours.

For entry to the pool, during the rental time, the Exit will be utilized for both entry and exit to and from the pool. The Pool will still be sanitized as best we can without members being required to exit the pool area.

July 16, 2020 – Please join us for a P.E.R. meet & greet event!

The Past Exalted Ruler Association of Lodge #9 invites all current Lodge Officers and Committee Chairs to a Meet and Greet gathering in the hall at Lodge #9 on Sunday, July 26th at 1:00 pm.  The gathering will last approximately one hour.  Dress code is casual and pizza and beer will be served.

Our agenda for July 26th will be:

1) Introduction of PERs

2) Explanation of the traditional function of the PER Association at Lodge #9

3) Explanation of the desired future function of the PER Association at Lodge #9

4) Group questions and answers

5) Socializing, networking and individual questions and answers.

6) Adjournment of formal program


The PER Association of Lodge #9
James Allmeroth, Michael Conley, Robert Dixon, Hal Dygert, Kurt Eggerding, Larry Flowers, Mark Gabauer, Frank Kilcullen, Tim Luby, Jim Martin, Doug McWard, Doug Reuther, Mark Zust.

July 15, 2020 – Happenings

Catch up here on everything that’s happening at the Lodge! And if you haven’t yet caught up on your annual dues, we’ve made it easy for you:

  • Wednesday July 15: Pool Committee Meeting, 6:30pm; Ladies Bunco, 7pm
  • Tuesday, July 21: PR Committee, 6pm; Board of Directors, 6:30pm
  • Wednesday, July 22: Golf Committee, 6pm
  • Friday July 24: Kids Movie Night, 8:30pm
  • Sunday July 26: P.E.R. Meet & Greet, 1:00pm; Fireside Chat with E.R. Lord, 6:00pm. NOTICE: On this day, during the Hall & East Patio rental,(1-5pm) members will only have access to the Pool & East Patio where extra tables will be set up. During the 3-3:30pm pool shutdown please respect the renters and only use the new volleyball bathrooms.
  • Monday, July 27: Lodge Meeting, 6:30pm
  • Sunday, August 2: Initiation Ritual, 12pm
  • Wednesday, August 5: Golf Committee, 6pm
  • Tuesday, August 11: Youth Activities, 6:30pm; House Committee, 6:30pm
  • Thursday, August 13: Auction Committee, 6pm; Veterans Committee 7pm
  • Monday, August 17: Lodge Meeting + District VP Visit

July 14, 2020 – House Rule & ByLaw Change Vote – July 27, 2020

Dear Member of St. Louis Lodge #9
During the last meeting we have read two possible bylaw changes and an addition of a House Rule.  Both of these possible changes have to do with Smoking in our bar area.  The House Rule would eliminate smoking in that area and the potential by-law change would formally allow smoking in that area.  I have included the two possible changes below.
We will have discussion, and a vote on each of these possible changes at the next Lodge Meeting on Monday, July 27th.
 The House Rule will read:
Smoking will be forbidden in our Lodge Bar.
The new by-law will read:
Smoking, Where Permitted.  Smoking shall be permitted in the Lodge 9 bar and/or Lounge area(s) until local law prohibits smoking in private clubs.  Smoking shall also be permitted on the East and South patios, the pool deck and the grounds generally unless restricted by this section.  Smoking shall permanently be prohibited in the Lodge Hall and Office.  Smoking may be temporarily prohibited on part or all of Lodge property by a majority vote of Lodge Members during a regular or special meeting.  Any temporary prohibition shall not exceed twenty four (24) hours.

July 1, 2020 – Happenings

Don’t miss out on what’s happening at the Lodge!  Want to catch up annual dues, contribute to the diving board fund, and/or join the pool? Here you go…
And don’t forget, our food drive item for Circle of Concern is Jelly. Please be generous.

Wednesday July 1, Ladies Auxiliary, 6:30pm
Sunday July 5: Live poolside DJ spin, 1:00pm
Monday July 6: Lodge Meeting + Initiation Ritual, 6:30pm
Wednesday July 8: Golf Committee, 6pm
Thursday July 9: Auction Committee Meeting, 6:00pm
Thursday July 9: Veterans Committee, 6:30pm
Sunday July 12: Wacky Wing Ding, 1:00pm
Tuesday July 14: Youth Activities at 6:30pm, House Committee at 6:30pm
Wednesday July 15: Pool Committee Meeting, 6:30pm; Ladies Bunco, 7pm
Tuesday, July 21: PR Committee, 6pm
Wednesday, July 22: Golf Committee, 6pm
Friday July 24: Kids Movie Night, 8:30pm
Sunday July 26: PER Meet & Greet, 1:00pm; Fireside Chat with E.R. Lord, 6:00pm
Monday, July 27: Board of Directors, 6:30pm
Friday, July 31: Steak Night hosted by the Pool Committee (tentative)

June 17, 2020 – Announcement

St. Louis Lodge #9 regrets to inform the passing of beloved Past Exalted Ruler Pete Makulec in the early hours of Wednesday June 17, 2020. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

June 15, 2020 – Happenings


Tuesday June 16th: Pool Opens at 12:Noon, Lodge Opens at 4:00pm
Thursday June 18th: I.T. Meeting at 5:30pm, Membership & Veterans Committee Meetings at 6:30pm
Monday June 22: New Member Initiation Ritual at 6:30pm, Indoctrination at 5:30pm
Tuesday June 23: Public Relations Meeting at 6:00pm, P.E.R. Meeting at 7:00pm
Wednesday June 24: Golf Committee Meeting at 6:00pm
Monday June 29: Board of Directors Meeting at 6:30pm


Thursday July 2: Auction Committee Meeting (tentative), 6:00pm
Sunday July 5: Archway Volleyball League resumes
Monday July 6: Lodge Meeting + Initiation Ritual, 6:30pm
Wednesday July 8: Golf Committee, 6:00pm
Thursday July 9: Veterans Committee (tentative), 6:30pm
Sunday July 12: 9S Cigar Club, 6:30pm
Tuesday July 14: Youth Activities at 6:30pm, House Committee at 6:30pm
Wednesday July 15: Ladies Bunco (tentative), 7:00pm

Please stop by the lodge with a check to cover Memberships (Annual Dues & Pool), or use this hotlink to do it electronically: , or mail to Elks St. Louis #9, 12481 Ladue Road, Saint Louis MO 63141.

June 11, 2020 – #9 Lodge Reopening Info

#9 Lodge Bar and Pool will reopen starting Tuesday, June 16th. Please see the below message from the Pool and House Committees on procedures and policies that will be in place to ensure compliance with County Regulations.

Message from the House Committee:

The Lodge House Committee and Board of Directors have been actively engaged planning the first phase of reopening. Following the numerous governmental and health-related COVID-19 guidelines applicable to restaurants and bars in St. Louis County, and to accommodate the ongoing improvements in the bar area, the Lodge will begin a multi-phased reopening beginning on Tuesday, June 16, 2020. Beginning that date, the Lodge will be open Monday-Friday 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm; Saturday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm; and Sunday 11:00 am to 8:00 pm in accordance with the rules, limitations and guidelines listed below.

 We look forward to seeing all Lodge members and anticipate everyone will be respectful of the limitations that must apply during this transitional period.

ONLY Lodge #9 Initiated and Associate Members, their spouses/significant others, #9 Widows and paid-in member candidates will be allowed access.  No guests (including children) or visiting Elks are allowed at this time.

The club area is closed to all attendees (except as necessary for handicapped access).  A full-service bar has been temporarily set up in the Main Hall for purchase of the usual bar drinks including beer on tap, bottled beer, mixed cocktails, etc. The Main Hall and restrooms are the only interior areas accessible to attendees.

Entry into the Lodge must be through the South patio gate, and thereafter into the Main Hall through the Northeast patio doors.  Exiting the Lodge must be through the Northwest stairway door.  

Per the Missouri State Executive Order, there is a limit of 70 attendees in the Main Hall.

Seating and tables in the Main Hall and patios have been placed to meet state distancing guidelines.  They may not be moved for any reason.

Libations (including draft beer) will only be served in plastic cups which may NOT be reused.  Each will be poured into a fresh cup.

Food may be purchased from the concession stand or brought by attendees.  However, all food items must remain on the patio areas and may not be brought inside the Main Hall.  Food items must not be shared.  For example, potluck or self-serve style dishes are not allowed.

Masks and/or other PPE are not required but are optional.

As always, smoking is prohibited in the Main Hall.

Any attendees not following these rules and guidelines may be asked by any House Committee member to leave the property and may be referred to the House Committee for further disciplinary action.

The House Committee, working with Lodge Leadership, may adjust these rules and guidelines as needed, including closing the Lodge at any time there appears to be a general failure to follow these rules and guidelines.

Message from the Pool Committee:

Hello Lodge Members! After a bit of delay we have exciting news! The Pool will begin limited operations effective Tuesday, June 16, 2020, and we could not be more excited. Due to the ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, however, the County has imposed additional rules regarding our operations. This communication is to keep you in the loop as we prepare for the big day.

Pool Operations:

Pool hours are: closed Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays open from 12:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m., Fridays from 12:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m., Saturdays from 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m., and Sundays from 11:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

The pool will close daily between 3:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m. This thirty minute window will permit staff to perform required cleaning of pool equipment/furniture and the restrooms. While you do not have to go home during this cleaning period you will be required to leave the pool deck and re-enter through the designated entrance.

Social distance rules are in effect, meaning you must maintain six feet of distance between you and someone not in your family or group at all times.

The check-in for the pool has been moved to the south entrance of the east patio which will be clearly marked. Exit for the pool is the pool gate. Those are one way only and must be used as directed.

We are limited to 47 bathers, meaning those in the pool, at any one time, with a total cap of people on the pool deck as our square footage will allow accounting for six foot intervals. This will be enforced by our Certified Pool Operator.

There will be no admittance to the pool deck without a pool membership card or, alternatively, a pool card generated by the Office and stored in the pool card box with the paid in full designation.

Guests are not permitted for the immediate future; Members only. This will be revisited as the County adjusts its requirements.

Pool Memberships:

Lodge Office hours as of June 16, 2020, are 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  If there is an issue with your pool or Lodge membership please proceed to the Office as pool staff is unable to to assist in these matters.

New! Pay your pool dues online to avoid any delay. We will be provided with updated lists of paid Members, so if you pay online you will be ready to go. If you have further questions about this please contact the Lodge Office.

To avoid being denied entry please have your dues paid at least one week in advance to allow the Office time to prepare and log your entry card. As referenced above, if you do not have your card and it is not located in the pool card box maintained by pool staff you will be denied entry.

Generally: The diving board is closed for this season as it is no longer in usable condition.
Concession stand will be open! We will have a limited menu available. Due to the circumstances we are also implementing a $10.00 food fee, which will permit you to bring outside food to the pool.

The concession stand in addition to soft drinks will also be serving beer (Bud, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Michelob Ultra, Corona Premier, Miller Light) and hard seltzers. If you want to bring your own wine there will be a $10.00 corkage fee, but any bottle must be emptied into a non-glass container. Glass is strictly prohibited on the pool deck.

Due to health concerns regarding COVID-19 we will not have a Lost and Found this season. Any personal property left after the pool closes for the day will be considered abandoned and thrown away.

Neither the Lodge or the Pool Committee are responsible for any damage done to clothing or bathing suits that may result from contact due to the use of required cleaning solutions.
It is strictly prohibited to move pool deck furniture without express permission from pool staff. We recommend bringing your own chair.

Personal flotation devices (including life jackets) and rafts are permitted, but as noted above there will be no lost and found. If a personal floatation device is left it will be disposed of once the pool closes for the day.

We realize there are a lot of changes, but despite this we are going to have an amazing pool season and look forward to enjoying it with you! If you have any comments or questions please direct them to Pool Committee Chair Alex Stirrat at:  [email protected]. See you June 16th!

Pay your Membership and Pool Dues Online:

June 10, 2020 – Message from #9 ER & Important Re-Opening Dates

To our Saint Louis Elks Lodge #9 Members:

Our Lodge will be opening soon! Our ER Kurt Lord has made a short video at the Lodge providing some updates.

Updates to this video and other Important Dates:

1.) Regularly scheduled Lodge meeting will be held on Monday, June 15th at 6:30 pm
2.) Lodge Satellite Bar opening Tuesday, June 16th at 4pm
3.) Pool opens Tuesday, June 16th at Noon
4.) Volleyball will be starting in July
5.) Initiation Ritual Monday June 22nd at 6:30pm
6.) BoD meeting Monday, June 29th at 6:30 pm
7.) Monday July 6, Lodge Meeting & Initiation Ritual at 6:30pm

** We are working hard to ensure our re-opening is compliant with County Regulations – Pool and Lodge Rules and Regulations for re-opening will be sent out via email to all members ASAP **

Please click on the video link below to enjoy the ER video!

June 7, 2020 – More Updates per E.R. Lord

George Pfandler:

George just had surgery. Although we don’t know many details, we hope George has a speedy recovery!

Larry Flowers:

Larry was diagnosed with liver cancer recently (in addition to the other medical issues he has been dealing with). Larry will be starting treatments to increase his immune system in a week or two. I know we all wish him the best, and Larry and Susan strength as they deal with these challenging medical treatments.

Larry told me with his humor: “With as many doctors as I am seeing, they each will be able to afford a new car!”

Larry states that he is fortunate, in that he is in no pain or discomfort.

Thank you for your prayers and support for our fellow members and their families.