Youth Activities

Youth Programs address the needs of the youth and be designed to fit within your Lodge budget and as our facility allows. Whatever programs adopted, select activities that spread throughout the year, and are sure to see them through to completion. To really do a constructive job and make a real impact on the Youth of your community, it is best to have continuous month-in and month out programs. Many of these projects require very little expense, if any, and give opportunity for active participation by your Members. Get as many of your Members as possible into your Youth Program. By so doing, you will have a better Lodge and will build a higher regard and prestige within your community.

Of the countless potential Youth Activities, Lodge #9 is pursuing; the Elks National “Hoop Shoot®” Free-Throw & Soccer Shoot Programs, Honoring the Flag, Essay contests, swimming classes and contests, the Elks Drug Awareness Program, the National Foundation, recreational camp and summer camping, the Antlers (young Elks to be), and the continued sponsorship of a local Boys Scouts Troop.

Elks Youth Programs

T he youth of today are the Leaders of Tomorrow . Our young people are often subjected to many influences that can be detrimental to our communities . An important and positive contribution to our communities is to offer productive experiences to our youth . The Grand Lodge Activities Committee promotes numerous youth programs, including:

  • Scholarships for graduating high school seniors and others
  • Legacy Award Scholarships for children and grandchildren of ELKS Members
  • Dictionary Project: ELKS give the “Gift of Words” to elementary school students
  • Student/Teenager of the Month/Year Recognition Programs
  • Formation and support of Antlers (Junior ELKS) Lodges
  • Boys and Girls Scouting Programs and recognition awards
  • Hoop Shoot Free Throw Competition
  • Sponsorship of youth sports teams
  • Support of junior golf, bowling and tennis programs
  • National Youth Week
  • Youth Citizenship Programs
  • Community Projects
  • Sponsorship of Youth Camps
  • Sponsorship of programs for special needs and developmentally-challenged youth .