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From the Grand Lodge website, January 2021:

Activities Committees : Scouting Mission Statement – “The objective of this committee is to provide a safe meeting environment for the Troops/Units in our local Lodges, and provide the Troops/Units with the kind of support these Troops / Units need to be successful!”

Email from Don Bertier to Tim Luby dated July 18, 2018:

Hi Tim –

Apologies for the delayed reply — I’ve been off on vacation with the family the past 10 days without any quality connectivity!  Today is the first time I’ve had my laptop on since leaving, which is great. I am not very familiar with the details on Pack 499, but I believe the Lodge may be their sponsoring body.  Jerry has the best details, I believe their leader’s name is Mr. Farron.

I’m the Cub Master for Pack 492.  We’re sponsored by the Bellerive Elementary School PTO up by Mason Manor.  We’ve historically had many members from the Pack that are part of the Lodge and will usually have a Cub Scout Swim Party on a Saturday afternoon in August (guest fees apply to swimming non-members and we usually buy a $3 hot dog/hamburger meal from the shack).  The Pack (grade school scouts) will join in for things like the flag planting or flag day events. Our Committee Chair is Angie Miller — their family have been members in the past.

The Troop 492 (boys 11-18) is supported by the Lodge by letting us have the Troop Trailers onsite.  This is the Troop that Jerry has been associated with and that my son Duncan is the current (for a few more weeks) Senior Patrol Leader of.  I’m on the “Troop Committee”.  The Scout Master is Jeremy Thoene and the Committee Chair is Amy Krekemer (member).  Troop members will frequently support volleyball cleanup, memorial day and flag day events.  We also supported a golf shoot a few years ago.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful.  We’re still on the road for a while, but should have decent connectivity every day or two until we return.

Have a great day!

– Don Bertier

Troop 492 of Creve Coeur Missouri