PAST EXALTED RULERS ASSOCIATION — Article III, Section 18 of the Constitution of the Order permits and Section 13.190 of the Laws of the Order mandates that there be an association of Past Exalted Rulers of the Lodge in good standing. The association advises the Lodge and conducts such programs it elects for the good of the Lodge. It elects Officers and adopts By‑Laws or other regulatory provisions. It should meet monthly. The first meeting night in February of each year is designated as Past Exalted Rulers’ Night. For information, refer to page 17 of the Ritual of the Local Lodges (Code 511500).

The 13 current P.E.R.s are; Robert Dixon, Doug Reuther, Doug McWard, Kurt Eggerding, Frank Kilcullen, Michael Conley, Jim Martin, James Allmeroth, Hal Dygert, Mark Gabauer, Mark R. Zust, Timothy Luby, & Larry Flowers.

James Allmeroth
Michael Conley 
Robert Dixon

Served as ER during the elk year 2014/15 following Jerry Seger’s three year term. As leading knight in 2013/14, I performed the ER function during Jerry’s many months of incapacitation. I served as metro east district vice president in 2019/20.

Hal Dygert

 Believe it was 1987-88 or 1988-89. It is on the 1881 Board for ERs. I followed Gino Lamartina.  The Chesterfield Lodge emerged with 1881 during my year as ER. Sara took my picture at a recent Lodge meeting or Initiation.

Kurt Eggerding

My year was 2017-2018. That year we purchased new meeting room seating and contributed older seating to Cedar Hill Elks Lodge #2678 for flood relief.  Initiated Compliance Committee.   Explored a building expansion.

Larry Flowers
Mark Gabauer

My ER year was 1995/96. At National Convention in New Orleans we voted to allow women to become Elk Members.

Frank Kilcullen

Joined the Elks Lodge 1981 and when I became an officer we merged with Chesterfield 2711. Became ER 1990 (followed Hal Dygert) when we merged with Overland Lodge.

Timothy Luby

E.R. from April 2018 through March 2020. Was behind the Fidelity Podium for many firsts which included the first two Kayak with a Vets events, a $119,000 Queen of Hearts pot, Coat Drives, redesigned newsletter, website, and a renewed sense of volunteerism.

Jim Martin

I was Exalted Ruler in 1982/1983.  The lodge at that time on Ladue Road was 1881, and I became Exalted Ruler after the Current Er, Leading Knight and Loyal knight  were either retired due to a change in employment or expelled (sorry I don’t remember why) but I became the ER.  Too bad because I had very little experience in the chairs and had only become an Elk in 1980 I think.  We had very short Elk meetings, and then poker for those who wanted to play.  The current Elks Lodge is far more fraternal as a group than we were.  I recruited Jim LaMartina as Leading Knight, and Art Michel as Loyal Knight, and can’t even remember who was the Lecruting Knight.  Along with apathy we had “swim pool Elks” and “bar Elks”.  The best thing that happened during that time was the initial employment of Peggy Lowe now Conley.

Doug McWard
Doug Reuther

Did back to back as ER because the Leading knight had no ambition to be ER. We remodeled the Hall and had a new roof and A/C installed. Started the Christmas auction and brought back the 100 club.

Dr. Mark Zust

Dr. Mark Zust is a general dentist and practices in St. Peters, Missouri.

Dr. Zust is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry.   Dr. Zust is a past President of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society and of the Missouri Dental Association.  He has served on the American Dental Association Board of Trustees representing the ADA Sixth District. 

He became a member of  Elk’s Lodge #9 in 1993 and has served as Lecturing Knight, Loyal Knight, Leading Knight and then as Exalted Ruler.

He lives with his wife Phyllis in Weldon Spring, Mo.  They have four children and eight grandchildren.