G.L. & State Awards

2021-2020 Grand Exalted Rulers Award For Excellence.
This Grand Exalted Ruler’s Citation is awarded to Lodges that has, as of September 1, a full complement of elected and appointed Officers who are not Past Exalted Rulers (excluding Secretary, Treasurer, Trustee and Tiler positions). This award encourages recruitment of new Officer talent and builds continuity by progression through the chairs.
2020-2019 Citation of Merit.
Awarded to Lodges Achieving a Net Gain of Membership.
2020-2019 Grand Exalted Ruler Making a Difference Award.
Special Citations are awarded to Lodges that participate in Six (6) or more of the following; Elks Hoop Shoot Contest – Yes/1, Initiatory Ritualistic Contest – No, Youth Scholarship Contest – Yes/2, Veterans Service and/or Adopt-A-Vet Program – Yes/3, Drug Awareness Program – Yes/4, Every Officer a current donor to the Elks National Foundation – Yes/5, Mother’s Day Program – No, Raises $4.80 per Member in donations to the Elks National National Foundation – Yes/6, Achieves a net membership gain of at least ONE (1) Member – Yes/7, Achieves a level at or below TWO PERCENT (2%) lapsation – Yes/8, Every Lodge Officer elected and appointed, sponsors a New/Reinstated Member – No.
2019-2018 Missouri Elks Association – % of increase in membership.
2019 State of Missouri Governor’s Proclamation.
City of Creve Coeur Proclamation for ‘ Youth Week.’ Awarded May 1st, 2019.